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  • Garuda: Positive on Indonesia domestic growth

    Emirsyah Satar, CEO, Garuda Indonesia outlines the airline's fleet expansion plans and explains why he is focusing on domestic growth.

  • More to Indonesia tourism than just Bali: Minister

    Mari Pangestu, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy in Indonesia, says the country is looking at niche markets to grow its tourism sector.

  • Challenges and opportunities facing Bank Danamon Indonesia

    Vera Eve Lim, CFO-Director Bank Danamon Indonesia, says Indonesia's economic fundamentals helped the lender sustain positive growth amid high inflation and a weakening currency.

  • Protesters wave U.S. flags during a demonstration at the World War II memorial on Oct. 13, 2013, in Washington, D.C.

    Groups protested the government shutdown, taking down barricades around the World War Two memorial before marching to the gates of the White House.

  • Barclays: Indonesia trade to remain weak this year

    Prakriti Sofat, Regional Economist, Barclays says current account deficit will easily hit 3.5% of GDP this year. She says the government needs to implement reforms to increase the manufacturing share of exports.

  • Indonesia Fin Min: No intentions of introducing capital controls

    Muhammad Chatib Basri, Finance Minister of Indonesia explains how the current account deficit is being reduced and rules out the prospect of capital controls.

  • Gajah Tunggal: The opportunities & challenges of TPP

    Christopher Chan, President Director of Southeast Asia's largest tire maker, Gajah Tunggal, speaks about the impact of a potential TPP deal on its business in Indonesia.

  • Indonesia minister: Seeing progress with APEC trade

    Live at the 2013 APEC summit, Gita Wirjawan, Trade Minister of Indonesia says leaders have agreed on key factors to help bridge the gap in developed and emerging economies.

  • A protester displays a placard as he joins others in a demonstration in front of the US Capitol in Washington, DC, urging congress to end the federal government shutdown, October 3, 2013.

    Washington entered the fifth day of a partial government shutdown on Saturday with no end in sight.

  • EM currencies still under pressure: Pro

    Mark Konyn, CEO of Cathay Conning Asset Management expects more downward pressure on India and Indonesia's currencies.

  • USD volatility ahead: Pro

    Peter Rosenstreich, Chief FX Analyst at Swissquote Bank warns of volatility in the U.S. dollar until the Fed begins to taper.

  • How to play a weaker Indonesian rupiah

    Dee Senaratne, Head of Research, Indonesia at CLSA says companies exposed to falling commodity prices will benefit from the weaker Indonesian rupiah. He lists his sector picks.

  • The No-Taper Trade in FX

    Khoon Goh, Senior FX Strategist at ANZ, says risk seeking and the search for yield trades will come back with no taper and little clarity from the Fed.

  • Fed blinked at the last minute: Taimur Baig

    Taimur Baig, Chief Economist, Asia at Deutsche Bank says that the Fed's guidance was clear and markets seemed prepared but with no taper this time, he expects the Fed to move in December.

  • Fed taper: EMs now have space to reform

    Sri Mulyani Indrawati, Chief Operating Officer & Managing Director at the World Bank tells CNBC's Cash Flow why she thinks the emerging market economies have been given a brief opportunity to reform.

  • How easy is doing business in Indonesia?

    CNBC's Adam Bakhtiar caught up with Indonesia's Minister for Cooperatives and SMEs and asked him what Jakarta is doing to make it easier for entrepreneurs.

  • What the 'Holy Roman Empire' & Asia crisis have in common?

    Andrew Freris, Chief Investment Advisor for Asia at BNP Paribas says that Fed will not begin its tapering until Christmas, and explains what impact that will have on the Asian currencies.

  • Indonesia battling inflation issues: pro

    Clive McDonnell, head of equity strategy at Standard Chartered Bank, comments on the situation in Indonesia following another surprise rate hike on Thursday.

  • The rupee has got its mojo back

    Nick Verdi, Director, FX Strategy Asia Pacific ex-Japan at Barclays talks CNBC's Cash Flow through some of the challenges that RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan faces.

  • Is the EM sell-off justified?

    Gary Greenberg, lead portfolio manager at Hermes Fund Managers, says people have been "too harsh" on emerging markets and names China and Russia as his favourites as the moment.