2013 series

  • The Rise of Mobile Commerce

    Mobile commerce is becoming increasingly important and companies are inventing tools to allow consumers to buy instantly, anywhere, via a single click.

  • How Best to Feed the World

    Find out what techniques and technologies are being developed to feed the world in a way that is sustainable for the planet.

  • Industrial Revolutions: Transparent Banking

    Start-ups are using social networking and technological advances to innovate personal banking and give control back to the consumer.

  • Industrial Revolutions: 3D Printing and Medicine

    Scientists working on developing laboratory-grown livers have managed to create mini versions using a 3D printer.

  • Industrial Revolutions: Self-Driving Cars

    Find out how self-driving cars could revolutionize the auto industry in the next decade.

  • Industrial Revolutions: 3D Interfaces

    Companies are moving beyond the mouse and touchscreens to create the next form of computer interactivity.

  • Industrial Revolutions: Self-Built Buildings

    MIT is focusing on technology that could redefine the process of construction.

  • Industrial Revolutions: Commercial Space Travel

    From the first flight in 1903, air travel has come a long way - and trips to outer space could be next.

  • Robotic changes such as 3D printing can revolutionize the way companies manufacture goods.

  • Industrial Revolutions: Distributing Energy

    Rather than using a centralized energy system, some countries are now distributing energy.

  • Industrial Revolutions: Fusion Energy

    Experts believe that fusion energy - which would never run out and is environmentally-friendly - could one day form 50% of the energy market, although it may not come into use for another few decades.

About 2013 series

  • Industrial Revolutions is a twelve-part video series, in which CNBC examines the potential next big revolutions in industry – tipping points and pivots that will change the way we think, work, live and do business.

Industrial Revolutions

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