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    There’s too much liquidity and optimism to be short and not enough fundamental, constructive traction to be long.

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    Torque dictates movement, and there is torque present in the U.S. economy at the moment, with force building toward increases in employment, says bond expert Tony Crescenzi.

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    The new Obama Fed is going to be very dovish when it comes to fighting future inflation and defending the value of the dollar.

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    By setting risk retention requirements at each step of the process, the very legislation intended to avoid a housing crisis could drastically reduce liquidity and cripple the ability of the secondary mortgage market to deliver hundreds of billions of dollars of low cost mortgage credit needed each year.

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    American families are $340 billion wealthier according to the Federal Reserve’s latest batch of household-net-worth data...I believe this is contributing not only to a better economy, but also to better consumer spending.

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    The key question facing investors right now — on the anniversary of a record-breaking stock surge, the best in 75 years — is whether we’re headed for a second bull-market year?

  • In this commentary I will explain why I’m cautious; how I could be wrong; what’s at stake for me and my clients; and how we’re invested.

  • We’re not gonna get a barnburner recovery such as we saw in 1983-84 when Reagan slashed tax rates. Obviously not, since Obama’s Washington is moving in an anti-supply-side direction.

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    In the weeks and months after the quake, some have begun to question whether the event opens new opportunities for restructuring of Haiti's government and economy, literally from the ground up.

  • I jokingly refer to him as "Mr. Happy" because he's such a downer, but he's someone who calls it as he sees it. During his speech he put up a picture of Michael Jackson and told the audience, "Why did Michael Jackson die? Because he surrounded himself with people who told him what he wanted to hear."

  • View over the caldera of Santorini in Greece.

    If islands are not a real cash option and - often deplored by Greek politicians - many of the valuable antiquities have long been pilfered (by fellow Europeans), what DOES Greece still have to sell?

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    The amount of bickering around the Greek crisis shows that Europe is clearly not ready for a United States of Europe - not yet and maybe not ever.

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    While Washington debates how to help the country’s struggling small businesses, states and municipalities have stepped up with an array of initiatives to stanch closings and save jobs. The New York Times explains.

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    I think it was James Carville ("It's the economy, stupid!") who said he wanted to come back as the bond market since he could then rule over everyone.

  • Cost of healthcare

    President Obama’s new health-care push would apply the 2.9 percent health-care payroll tax to investments. We’ve never done this before. If we do, with the Bush tax cuts set to expire, the tax rate on capital gains and dividends could jack up over 50 percent.

  • Jim Bunning

    By maintaining a quixotic filibuster against a Senate jobless bill, Senator Jim Bunning lit the fire of Democratic and Republican hyperbole against him.

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    The pound's fall is nearly over but foreign exchange markets are still going to watch developments, since parity with the euro can not be ruled out as the country gets closer to a crucial spring election, analysts and traders told CNBC.com Tuesday.

  • If you look to Congress, or the political class in general, leadership seems to be getting to where the crowd is already going and pretending you led them there.

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    Given the current trouble Congress is experiencing getting a financial regulatory bill out of the Senate, this underscores some of the confusion about arcane financial products and confusion over how to address their risks (if any) towards the financial markets.

  • In talking with global investors and in my recent trip to Davos for the World Economic Forum, I found that people are hardly even talking about Russia anymore. They’ve dropped the ”R“ to the point where it’s become the BIC nations.