Enterprise Innovation

  • Virtual real estate?

    CNBC's Kate Rogers looks at a new start-up using virtual reality technology in real estate.

  • Tesla's production promise

    Discussing Tesla's potential to raise cash, and moving up production targets, with Colin Langan, UBS, and CNBC's Phil LeBeau.

  • Twister turns 50!

    Twister co-founder Reyn Guyer talks about how he created the body-bending board game and the huge success that followed. And Guyer shares his thoughts on the importance of team-building.

  • Apple in innovation rut?

    Angel investor Jason Calacanis and Apple’s former Chief Evangelist Guy Kawasaki discuss Apple's potential, expectations and how it compares to competitors.

  • Herjavec on 'magic of Apple' & the cloud

    "Shark Tank" host Robert Herjavec of Herjavec Group CEO, discusses the "magic of Apple," how the company works to control that and his view on the tech industry right now.

  • Jared Leto 'Beyond the Horizon'

    Jared Leto, Academy Award-winning actor, talks about his tech investments, band, "Thirty Seconds to Mars," and digital series for AOL.

  • Great tech companies should be public: Fred Wilson

    Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures founder, shares his thoughts on tech company IPOs. Having companies go public explodes ecosystems around them, says Tim Armstrong, AOL chairman & CEO. And Wilson provides his outlook on Apple. The future of technology is in the cloud, says Wilson.

  • Creating tech-friendly policies in NYC

    Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures founder, and AOL CEO Tim Armstrong, talk about lobbying for more tech-friendly policies in New York City. Also Wilson weighs in on why it makes sense to have rules about what Uber can do.

  • Tim Cook: Huge market potential in this country

    Jim Cramer spoke with Apple CEO Tim Cook on the one country he has his eye on that could be a game changer very soon.

  • Tim Cook: Still optimistic about China

    Jim Cramer spoke with Apple CEO Tim Cook, who provided insight on what he considers to be the most important element for Apple long term and discusses his views on China.

  • The self-driving car lobby

    Five companies announced a formation of a new lobbying arm called the "Self-driving Coalition for Safer Streets." Former NHTSA Administrator and current partner at Venable LLP David Strickland, says the cars do not require an independent lane.

  • Jeff Bezos

    Amazon's Jeff Bezos scored big in the stock market Friday, evidence that investing for the long-term can pay off, one analyst told CNBC.

  • Apple's innovation drought?

    Discussing whether Apple needs to look outside its company for innovation, with Shawn Carolan, early Siri investor.

  • Engineer assembling robotic parts

    "Looking to the future, the next big step will be for the very concept of the 'device' to fade away."

  • Can Apple grow again?

    Brian Buchwald, CEO & Co-founder of Bomoda, and Alyssa Carroll, Astrsk Senior Account Director, discuss Apple's product and marketing strategies.

  • Vivek Wadhwa: Apple should buy Tesla and make Elon Musk CEO

    CNBC Contributor Bill George, Senior Fellow at Harvard Business School and Fmr. Medtronic Chairman, and Vivek Wadhwa, Fellow at the Rock Center for Corporate Governance at Stanford University, discuss whether Apple and its CEO Tim Cook have lost credibility after dismal earnings.

  • Building for Apple's future

    Benjamin Mayo, iOS developer and writer for 9t05 Mac, and CNBC.com editor Ari Levy talk about Apple's product cycle and how the tech giant can continue to grow and innovate.

  • Walt Mossberg's take on smartphone evolution

    Apple posted its first ever drop in iPhone sales. Re/code's executive editor Walt Mossberg looks at the great gadgets of the past, and the maturing smartphone.

  • Apple's innovation losing its edge?

    Discussing whether Apple's innovation has stagnated and whether investors should buy into the company with Kevin O'Leary, "Shark Tank" Investor & TV Personality and O'Shares Investments Chairman, and David Pearl, Executive Vice President, Co-Chief Investment & Portfolio Manager at Epoch Investment Partners.

  • Apple's innovation strategy

    Dawn Chmielewski, Senior Editor at Re/code, and CNBC's Josh Lipton discuss Apple's innovation pipeline and where the company could go from here.