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  • This townhouse in Villa Montmorency, one of Paris's best neighborhoods, is on the market for about $18 million.

    The 75 percent tax on millionaires in France has caused more of the rich to put their homes up for sale. But don't expect bargains in Paris, where prices remains high.

  • Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

    A new study shows that the choice of President doesn't matter much for the course of income inequality in America.

  • David Koch

    Election experts and lawyers say law specifically prevents employers from telling workers they could lose their jobs if they vote for a certain candidate.

  • Attorney and civil rights advocate Molly Munger

    The latest polls shows that Gov. Brown's Nov. 6 ballot measure, known as Proposition 30, is on the ropes, thanks in part to more than $50 million one family has spent to defeat it.

  • One57, a luxury apartment building, in New York.

    New York's Department of Buildings is asking for more information on the luxury tower that's seeking tax breaks aimed at low-income housing.

  • French President Francois Hollande.

    Seeking to avoid more division over his wealth tax hike, the French president moved to squelch a legislative amendment that would extend the tax to art assets.

  • Mark Cuban on CNBC's Squawk Box.

    Mark Cuban said that CEOs shouldm't tell employees how to vote in a seeming reference to Westgate CEO David Siegel's email to employees.