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  • Jennifer Lawrence in scene from the movie "The Hunger Games".

    Children’s Book Publisher Scholastic raised its profit forecast for the year on sales of ‘The Hunger Games’ which have spiked ahead of the first ‘Hunger Games’ movie, which opens a week from Friday.

  • Can Apple Move Higher?

    Insight on why Apple sees 2012 as the biggest product year in history, with Peter Misek, Jefferies & Company managing director/senior tech analyst, who shares his strategy on investing in the stock.

  • Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein

    Greg Smith lobbed a verbal Molotov cocktail in The New York Times against his former firm, Goldman Sachs, and reaction to his resignation might lead you to believe a lot of people inside the firm agree with his negative assessment of CEO Lloyd Blankfein. Mmmmm...not so fast

  • Barry Diller

    Controversial Internet TV service Aereo launches in Beta in New York City today. Lawsuits from all the major broadcasters, trying to stop the service, hasn’t halted Aereo’s plan to roll out one market at a time, changing the way people watch TV. Aereo filed a countersuit against the networks Monday.

  • lemonade-stand-200.jpg

    One 13-year old made enough money at her part-time job to buy her own helicopter. And no, the money didn't come from a lemonade stand or paper route!

  • Black and white versions of the new iPad 2.

    At a time when even dividend funds are buying Apple shares in hopes the iPad and iPhone maker will use its considerable cash store to give shareholders a dividend, one analyst believes potential investors should wait.

  • Former Goldman Exec Blasts Firm in Op-Ed

    It's not easy being CEO Lloyd Blankfein today after a former Goldman Sachs executive blasted the firm in a New York Times Op-Ed piece. Greg Smith, former executive director, wrote that the atmosphere at the bank was "toxic and destructive." Discussing what's going on at the company, with Susann Craig, The New York TImes, and CNBC's John Carney.

  • Apple Stock Too Good to Pass Up?

    Ashok Kumar, Maxim Group sr. tech analyst, discusses whether there is still room to get in on Apple's rally.

  • Barry Diller Invests in Aereo

    CNBC's Julia Boorstin has the story on IAC Chairman Barry Diller investing in a controversial new service to stream broadcast TV content over the internet.

  • Rush Limbaugh

    With advertisers on the run, should satellite radio step in and grab Rush Limbaugh? spacer The latest wrinkle in the ongoing controversy is the cancellation of all national commercials during “The Rush Limbaugh Show” by its syndicator, Premiere Networks. This comes after nearly a hundred national advertisers and dozens more have dropped Limbaugh and other conservative commentators like a political hot potato.

  • vudu.com

    Wal-Mart and five of the six major Hollywood studios are hoping they can beat the odds and keep alive their dying cash cow – the DVD business.

  • Pet Loo and Mini Wee

    After one too many times standing in the pouring rain holding one end of a leash while his dog lifted his leg at the other end, Tobi Skovron thought to himself, “there has to be a better way.” So he created one: the Pet Loo, which he markets as a "backyard in a box."

  • asleep_at_work_200.jpg

    We tend to associate napping with babies, old people and slackers, but here's a news flash: Napping actually has a lot health benefits, including boosting your productivity, enhancing your libido and aiding in weight loss!

  • Mashable.com

    CNN, a unit of Time Warner, and Mashable are in advanced talks that may lead to an acquisition of the social news Web site, three people with knowledge of the talks said, the New York Times.

  • mm_avatar_100_cramer.jpg

    Jim Cramer’s researcher, Nicole Urken, notes that the improved labor reports will continue to drive the derivative jobs plays.

  • Zombie

    There's a new zombie in town — sun-eye zombies, and they're a brain-eating byproduct of solar flares. Would you know how to survive them? That's the question you'll be asked in "Surviving the Coming Zombie Apocalypse," an online college course that uses a zombie apocalypse to examine human behavior amid catastrophe.

  • Jessica Alba Launches Honest.com

    She co-founded The Honest Company, a subscription service for non-toxic baby supplies, like diapers, wipes, bubble bath and detergent, which launched in January.

  • Montgomery Technology Conference

    Steve Case celebrated the passing of the Jobs Bill by the House today by speaking to some of the companies he says will benefit from the legislation — 190 startups at the Montgomery Tech Conference. I caught up with him at the conference.

  • Montgomery Technology Conference

    The Montgomery Tech Conference in Santa Monica California has gathered 190 startups to present to hundreds of Venture capital and private equity investors, along with media and technology companies looking for strategic investments.

  • Montgomery Technology Conference

    The Montgomery Tech Conference is organizing 1600 one-on-one meetings for startups to pitch directly to investors. I've talked to more than a dozen VC investors here and the vibe is upbeat -- they're enthusiastic about the fact that startups can launch quickly and scale faster than ever.