IQ 100


  • Apple leads the IQ 100 up 2 percent

    IQ 100 leaders include GE, Callaway Golf and Apple. The laggards include Teva Pharma, DowDupont and Halliburton.

  • Altaba among laggards for second day in a row

    IQ 100 leaders include Bausch Health, Micron and Broadcom. The laggards; TE Connectivity, Altaba and CBS Corp

  • Amazon among IQ 100 laggards

    IQ 100 leaders include Teva Pharma, Deere and Halliburton. The laggards include Cree Inc., Amazon and Altaba.

  • Amazon leads the IQ 100 after crossing $1 trillion

    IQ 100 leaders include Qualcomm, Amazon and Ericsson. the laggards, Seagate, Bausch Health and Cognizant.

  • Dexcom leads the IQ 100

    The CNBC IQ 100. Today's leaders include Dexcom, Teradyne and LM Ericsson Telefon. the laggards, Teva Pharma, Honda and Caterpillar.

  • IQ 100 leaders and laggards, August 20th

    CNBC's IQ 100. Today's leaders include Teva Pharma, Nike and Baker Hughes. The laggards, Xilinx, Intel and Broadcom.

  • August 17th IQ 100

    CNBC's IQ 100. Today's leaders include Target, Mondelez and Progressive Insurance. Laggards include Applied Materials, Teradyne and Teva Pharma.

  • IQ 100 August 14th

    IQ 100 leaders include Seagate, Dexcom and Express Scripts. The laggards, Altaba, Micron and Baker Hughes.

  • IQ 100 August 9th

    Today's leaders include Express Scripts, DowDuPont and CBS. The laggards, Seagate, Booking Holdings and Deere.

  • IQ 100 July 30th

    Today's leaders include AT&T, Westrock and Hartford Financial. The laggard's CBS, Bausch and Altaba. For more on the index go to

  • IQ 100 leaders and laggards July 24th

    CNBC IQ 100 leaders, Avery Dennison, Deere and United Technology. The laggards include Whirpool, Halliburton and NCR.

  • Mattel leads the CNBC IQ 100

    CNBC IQ 100 leaders, Mattel, JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America. The laggards include, Halliburton, Illinois Tool and Micron.

  • IQ 100 June 19th

    CNBC IQ 100 June 19th. Leaders include Dover Corp, Sonoco and IBM. Today's laggards, Teradyne, Applied Materials and Bausch Health.

  • July 11th IQ 100 leaders and laggards

    Today's IQ 100 leaders are Motorola Solutions, Dexcom and Visa. The laggards are Applied Materials, Micron and Seagate.

  • IQ100 index July 10th

    Today's leaders Micron, Texas Instruments and Dowdupont. Today's laggards include Mattel, Kimberly-Clark, Callaway Golf.

  • IQ100 leaders and laggards July 5

    The leaders, Praxir, Qualcomm and Xilinx. The laggards, Sony, Teva Pharma and Dexcom.

  • CNBC IQ 100 leaders and laggards May 14th

    CNBC IQ 100 leaders, Teva Pharma, CBS Corp and Target. The laggards include Xerox, Mattel and Raytheon.

  • IQ 100 leaders and laggards

    IQ 100 leaders, Express Scripts, Align Tech and Qualcomm. Laggards inlcude, Booking Holdings, Baker Hughes and Sony. For more IQ 100 visit

  • IQ 100 leaders and laggards

    Today's leaders include Micron, Baker Hughes and Halliburton. Today's laggards include Honda, Nike and CA Inc. For more on the index go to

About IQ 100

  • The CNBC IQ 100 is an exclusive, data-driven index of the 100 large-cap companies best using technology to invest in and profit from new business opportunities. It is powered by M-CAM International, a global financial institution that values patents, trademarks and other intellectual property for a deep roster of government and corporate partners.

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