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  • June 22- Accenture Plc trimmed its annual revenue forecast on Thursday, triggering concerns that uncertainty around U.S. healthcare policy may be weighing on the company's flagship consulting business. Shares of the Dublin- domiciled company, which also provides outsourcing services, were down 4.7 percent at $121.17 in morning trading.

  • Does software investment signal a return of business confidence?

    Dmitry Loschinin, CEO of Luxoft, talks about the complexity of managing data and how his company helps businesses upgrade their IT and software structures.

  • Open to strategic acquisitions: Vish Iyer

    Vish Iyer, President of TCS Asia Pacific says the company is looking to expand footprint in China and is keeping an eye out for acquisitions that boost growth.

  •  PC Makers Are in Big Trouble: Expert

    Richard Gordon, VP of Global Research at Gartner, talks to CNBC about the decline in the traditional PC market and whether Cloud really is the growth story it's made out to be.

  • Summer is here, and along with high temperatures, shorts and flip-flops, another seasonal phenomenon is taking place — college students are graduating, and they’re taking their newly minted degrees into the real world in the hopes of landing a job. But what are their chances of finding work in their fields, or even finding jobs that don’t require them to ask if you want fries with that?Job seekers between ages 16 to 24 who are not enrolled in school and have attained a bachelor’s degree or highe

    Recent graduates with arts degrees face a jobless rate of 11.1 percent. With numbers like that, the degree probably seems useless. But many people have gone on to great success after earning “useless” degrees.

  • Life may begin at 40, but job searches that begin at that age can be discouraging. After all, it’s not the job market that it used to be. Entire professions are disappearing, and the labor market is flooded with unmarried, childless, eager young applicants whose salary requirements are generally lower.Despite this grim scenario, older workers shouldn’t despair. They bring such hard-won assets as experience and discipline to the table, and the people doing the hiring know it. “Savvy employers are

    CNBC.com spoke with experts in tech, human resources, and finance to determine which professions are best for workers over 40.