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  • Yen Battle A Political Game: Expert

    Marco Bardelli, CEO of UBI Capital, tells CNBC that the weakening yen has become a political game which is taking attention away from the key issues Japan face, like kick-starting domestic consumption.

  • There Are No Currency Wars

    Paul Donovan, Deputy Head, Global Economics at UBS says currencies normally move 10-15% in a year and that the current currency moves are normal fluctuations.

  • Weaker Yen Trend Will Continue

    Jesper Bargmann, Head of G11 Spot FX, Asia Pacific at RBS Global Banking & Markets says the yen will break through the 95 level against the U.S. dollar.

  • Yen vs Won Hitting South Korea Tourism: Pro

    Leong Wai Ho, Director & Senior Regional Economist, Barclays describes how the yen is taking a toll not just on corporates but on tourism as well.

  • Aggressive Easing Only Way Out for Japan?

    Tony Nash, Managing Director, IHS questions if aggressive easing is the only solution to Japan's deflation battle as overall investment, which is crucial to perk up the economy, remains sluggish.

  • Japan Capital Spending to Lead Growth in 2013

    Jesper Koll, MD & Head of Japanese Equity Research, JPMorgan Securities discuss Japan's latest GDP numbers. He believes business investment will be an engine for growth in the coming year.

  • Sick of emailing your resume? Form a mass rally, that's what new graduates in Tokyo are doing.

  • Prologis: How Japan's Economy Grew Our Profits

    Ahead of Prologis' REIT listing in Tokyo, CEO Hamid Moghadam tells CNBC how Japan's long-term fundamentals & the 'Abenomics' impact helped lift growth.

  • The volatility in the currency markets has been high leading up to the G20 meeting, and it's giving this strategist a trading idea.

  • The G-7 statement and after-statement rocked currency markets and left investors wondering what was really intended. This strategist says it's all just talk.

  • Santelli Explains Currency Manipulation

    CNBC's Rick Santelli reports on "collateral damage" done when deliberate currency intervention takes place.

  • January Retail Sales Up 0.1%

    CNBC's Rick Santelli breaks down the latest data on retail sales and trade, with CNBC's Steve Liesman.

  • The British pound slumps on Bank of England comments and consumer confidence buoys the Aussie - it's time for your FX Fix.

  • Bank of Japan headquarters in Tokyo, Japan

    February's Bank of Japan meeting should be less action-packed than January's, which saw unprecedented steps to revive a weak economy. Still, the meeting is important, especially as the central bank prepares to usher in a change in its top policy makers, analysts say.

  • More Messy Days Ahead for the Yen

    Peter Whitley, Senior FX Analyst at Thomson Reuters says to expect more volatility in the yen ahead of the BOJ meeting.

  • Yen Weakness to Stay?

    Vishnu Varathan, Market Economist, ASEAN Marketing Section, Mizuho Corporate Bank says that there could be continued yen weakness ahead of Shirakawa's resignation.

  • Japanese Yen Seen Depreciating to 100 vs USD: Pro

    Takuji Okubo, Chief Economist, Japan Macro Advisors sees dollar/ yen rising to the 95 -110 area. He says the Bank of Japan's stimulus will be put on the back-burner until new management takes over.

  • Spanish refugees at Perthus, Militiamen lay down their arms.

    A statement from G7 countries attempts to tamp down global tension about the falling yen and currency devaluations. Whether it will work is unclear.

  • All this chatter about a so-called global currency war is utter nonsense, Larry Kudlow says. He believes all that is happening is the Japanese are taking steps to increase liquidity and depreciate their vastly overpriced yen.

  • The Group of Seven try to quiet talk of a currency war, and unchanged inflation weighs on the pound - it's time for your FX Fix.