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  • Greenback to Trade Around 86 on Potential For BOJ Easing: Pro

    Hamish Pepper, FX Strategist for Asia Pacific at Barclays Capital, says the dollar is likely to trade around 86 yen within 3 months on the likelihood of more easing from the BOJ following the Japan elections.

  • Fed's Policy Guide Posts Are Dollar Negative: Strategist

    Todd Elmer, Currency Strategist, Citi says the Fed's new policy guide-posts are dollar-negative. He says the Fed's rapid expansion of balance sheets and willingness to tolerate higher inflation will undermine USD attractiveness, especially to reserves managers.

  • How to Trade the Euro's Slide

    Land of the rising sun? Not so much, says this pro. He expects yen weakness to continue for some time.

  • Gartman Bullish on Gold?

    Dennis Gartman, The Gartman Letter, discusses his true feelings about the precious metal and explains why he is long gold in yen terms.

  • The Yen Will Weaken?  Nonsense!

    Guests and anchors on Squawk Box Europe debate whether the Yen is still the ultimate safe haven currency of if it is likely to weaken.

  • Will the Euro Perform?

    Klaudius Sobczyk, founder and managing director at Advanced Dynamic Asset Management, tells CNBC that a stronger Euro is needed to balance out weaknesses in the Dollar and the Yen.

  • How Asian FX Will Trade in 2013

    Craig Chan, Head of FX Strategy, Asia ex-Japan at Nomura, talks to Cash Flow about his predictions for Asian currencies next year.

  • KRW to See Little Impact From N. Korea Tensions: Pro

    Adrian Foster, Head of Financial Markets Research, Asia Pacific at Rabobank, says the impact of the North Korean rocket launch on the Korean won is likely to be limited, with markets looking ahead to the central bank meeting this week.

  • Japan Needs to Deregulate Protected Sectors: Pro

    Richard Jerram, Chief Economist, Bank of Singapore says there is no real discussion in Japan about how to fix the problems of the last 20 years. He says Japan needs to deregulate its protected sectors, and the DPJ might be taking that more seriously than the LDP.

  • Fiscal Cliff: Not a Big Deal?

    Richard Yetsenga, Head of Global Markets Research, ANZ says the fiscal cliff might not be as big a deal as people think, and that it is keeping people away from trading currencies. He expects the U.S. dollar to weaken into the year end.

  • Too Soon To Expect BOJ to Ease By Year-End: Analyst

    Peter Whitley, Senior FX Analyst, Thomson Reuters, says with the elections still ongoing in Japan, it's too soon to expect any easing measures until at least the first quarter of 2013.

  • Short AUD/CAD: Strategist

    Sean Callow, Senior Currency Strategist, Westpac Bank says with the RBA cutting rates and the Bank of Canada keeping rates on hold, now is the best time to short this currency cross.

  • The euro rose against the dollar Monday as comments made by Italy's prime minister allayed fears about the country's outlook.

  • No Big Concerns About Japan Recession: Expert

    Ben Collett, Head of Japanese Equities, Louis Capital Markets says he's not too concerned about Japan slipping into a technical recession. He says he's more focused on the structural change occurring in the yen for his equity investments.

  • Positive Data to Boost US Dollar: Pro

    Clifford Bennett, Chief Economist, Orb Global Investments says the improvement in non-farm payrolls will be positive for dollar sentiment. He adds that data from China will also help lift currencies broadly.

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