Jason Phillips - The King of Color

Blue Collar Millionaire
"People hate to watch paint dry, but all I see is dollar signs." -Jason Phillips

Business: Phillips Painting

Although it took over a decade to figure out the best business model, Jason was able to open his own painting and home repair company. That company, Phillips Painting, now boasts 150 employees. Jason is an extremely motivated guy that gets the job done so he can be with his family, spend quality time at home and spoil the ones he loves. He runs his $9 million a year business out of Lucas, TX. In 2015, a slower year for Jason, the company grossed $10 million. In busier years, particularly after a hailstorm, the company has been able to gross between $12-14 million. Not bad for a guy who started almost 20 years ago with $2.00 left to his name.