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Jesse Bergman
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    Add hedge funds to the list of asset classes now negative on the year. Hedge funds declined by more than 2 percent in August, according to new data from Hedge Fund Research.

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    A hedge fund replication exchange-traded fund , designed to mimic the performance and exposure of the hedge fund industry, was one of the more resilient investments in August, outperforming broader markets—including hedge funds.

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    The mystery bidder that engaged in talks with the New York Mets during David Einhorn’s exclusivity period is former Glencore International trader Ray Bartoszek, according to a person familiar with the matter.

  • LinkedIn

    A steady influx of funding from angel investors and venture capital firms that are hoping to find the next LinkedIn spacer or Facebook has sparked a potentially dangerous financing frenzy for the technology-startup industry, according to investors and market participants. And the recent market turmoil has done little to slow the stampede.

  • Bankers Bonus

    With markets poised to rally for a third-straight day Monday, it appears as if the $2 trillion hedge-fund industry has escaped August’s initial market turmoil with relatively minor casualties.

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    London-based hedge fund Derwent Capital Markets, dubbed “The Twitter Fund” because it uses tweets to help it predict market activity, turned in positive returns in its first official month of trading.

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    “Insider buying has accelerated dramatically to its highest level since the market bottom of March 2009,” according to Ben Silverman, Director of Research at InsiderScore, a firm that tracks buying and selling activity for corporate insiders.

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    In the wake of unprecedented turmoil for the hedge fund industry, stemming from legal probes, lackluster returns and looming anti-growth regulations, a new crop of so-called "hedge fund replication" investments are gaining popularity.

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    On the heels of LinkedIn’s successful initial public offering, many of Silicon Valley’s biggest investors are throwing millions in seed capital at a handful of startups looking to cash in on something called “crowd commerce,” where everything and everyone has a price.

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    Airlines fight a constant battle with fuel price volatility. Since the industry spends about a third of its operating costs on fuel alone, airlines employ an arsenal of financial instruments like derivatives, options, and caps, to hedge against wild swings in the energy market.