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  • All week amid the bullish tone, some participants felt they had to search for something to worry about. Now as the conference wraps up, they may find a toppling Egyptian government is what was needed to be discussed the whole time.

  • Egyptian demonstrators hold up placards during a protest in central Cairo to demand the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak and calling for reforms.

    The Egyptian military entered the streets of Cairo amid protests, but the World Economic Forum kept its focus on the big economies.

  • Want to stump Davos participants? Ask them what the big theme is this year.

  • Heard in Davos 2011 - Dispatches From The Conference

    While most conversations in WEF start off paying homage to the E of economics, delegates get burned out quickly. By Thursday afternoon, talk of markets and finance can take a back seat.

  • The participants at WEF's annual meeting may love the renovated Congress Center, featuring a health bar, but some of us long for the old days.

  • pizza_200.jpg

    Pizza has a big place in the Davos diet. At almost every bar and restaurant in the town it's on the menu and the CNBC team practically lives on it during the WEF. It's quick, filling and, depending on the toppings, can provide a nutritional boost.

  • Heard in Davos 2011 - Dispatches From The Conference

    The United States continues to be the major conversation point at a World Economic Forum lacking a definitive major issue.

  • Heard in Davos 2011 - Dispatches From The Conference

    On CNBC, C. Fred Bergsten, director of the Peterson Institute for International Economics, made a bold proposition. He bet a steak dinner at the WEF annual meeting 2012 if the US economy doesn't grow 4 percent this year.

  • Davos 2011 - A CNBC Special Report

    A focus by countries on developing a skilled workforce through improvements in education is necessary, according to participants in a CNBC debate at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

  • The snow started coming down Tuesday evening and a crisp white blanket covered Davos before sunrise. But much of the talk late yesterday and Wednesday morning was about snow in the UK — and whether it's really to blame.