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Kim Raath

Kim Raath, CEO - Topl
Coutesy of Topl

Kim Raath is Founder and CEO of Topl. Launched in 2017, Topl is building an impact technology economy that enables digital and sustainable transformation across value chains and empowers the monetization of impact verified on the Topl Blockchain. Kim grew up in South Africa and comes from an ethical mining and sustainable agricultural background. She is the first Rice University student to simultaneously complete an M.A. in Economics and a Ph.D. in Statistics. Before university, Kim worked in 18 developing countries to rebuild and strengthen communities by implementing innovative forms of technology. As a leader in sustainability, Kim is a member of CNBC's ESG Council and also sits on the advisory board of Xpansiv, a global market for ESG-inclusive commodities. As CEO, Kim innovates around every problem that arises and continuously finds ways to grow the Topl ecosystem.