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Kumar Arora

Cleveland Hustles Investor

Kumar Arora is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor behind many notable startups and brands. Some of his ventures include Ilthy®, Black Rose Marketing and more.

Kumar Arora is a man with many plans. Consistently pushing the envelope on design and innovation, much of his work centers on the idea of creating novel products and household brands. His concentration lies in a variety of industries including fashion, tech, nano-science, entertainment, marketing, and design.

With a plethora of skill sets, Kumar has taken his vision and expertise to lead the way with strategic investments and growth opportunities with his parent company, Aroridex Ltd. Aroridex provides resources, investment, consulting services to assist early-stage to mid-sized businesses. Collectively to date, Aroridex assets and ventures have yielded over $30 million across industries with annual sales over $8 million per year. His business performance has driven remarkable growth in brand recognition, marketing presence, and overall customer loyalty in a variety of sectors.

Kumar also serves as a consultant and advisor for a range of industries. He boasts an impressive roster of clients ranging from Fortune 500s, startups, to celebrities and athletes. Currently, he is paving the way with his newest project, Rogue Eyewear, using experimental materials combined with bold designs for a new perspective in a stagnant industry.

Kumar is also now in the process of releasing his first book, "Eclipse" this Fall 2016 as well as one of the investors on the all new CNBC reality series, "Cleveland Hustles" executive produced by LeBron James.

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  • Hosting "Cleveland Hustles" is LeBron James' and Maverick Carter's hand-picked host, B. Bonin Bough

  • Kumar Arora is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor behind many notable startups and brands.

  • Born and raised in Cleveland, this former advertising innovator is often referred to as the "Mad Man" of his time.

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