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Larry Kudlow
Senior Contributor, CNBC

Lawrence Kudlow is CNBC's Senior Contributor. He was previously host of CNBC's primetime "The Kudlow Report". He is also the host of "The Larry Kudlow Show", which broadcasts each Saturday from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. on WABC Radio and is syndicated nationally by Cumulus Media.

Mr. Kudlow is a nationally syndicated columnist. He is a contributing editor of National Review magazine, as well as a columnist and economics editor for National Review Online. He is the author of "American Abundance: The New Economic and Moral Prosperity," published by Forbes in January 1998. His new book "JFK and the Reagan Revolution" was released on September 6, 2016.

During President Reagan's first term, Kudlow was the associate director for economics and planning, Office of Management and Budget, Executive Office of the President, where he was engaged in the development of the administration's economic and budget policy.

He is the recipient of numerous awards, including Extraordinary Commitment Award from St. Patrick's Church of Redding, CT, Bishop's Humanitarian Award from the Catholic Charities of Brooklyn and Queens, Humanitarian Award from Pregnancy Care Center of New Rochelle, NY, Distinguished Communicator Award from the Brooklyn Diocese, Ambassadors for Mission Award from the Pontifical Mission Societies of the United States, and Cathedral Club of Brooklyn Exemplary Service Award.

In addition, Mr. Kudlow received the Spirit Award from Hazelden Foundation of Center City, MN, Exemplary Achievement Award from Covenant House of New York, Ethical Angel Award from the Guardian Angels of New York, the Reagan Great Communicator Award from the New York Young Republicans Club, Discovery Award from Sacred Heart University, Visionary Award from Council for Economic Education, Community Recognition Award from Positive Directions, Reflection Award from Good Counsel, President's Award from Silver Hill Hospital, and Dwight-Englewood School Outstanding Alumni Award.

Mr. Kudlow received an honorary degree (Doctor of Laws) from Monmouth University in West Long Branch, NJ in 2009 and an honorary Degree (Doctor of Laws) from the University of Rochester in 2013. He was a 2014 Media Fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution.

He is presently on the Board of Directors of Hazelden New York, Catholic Cluster School of the Diocese of Bridgeport, CT, a member of St. Patrick's Church Parish Council, and a former Fordham University Board of Trustees member.

Mr. Kudlow is CEO of Kudlow & Co., LLC, an economic research firm (www.kudlow.com).

He was formerly chief economist and senior managing director of Bear Stearns & Company. Kudlow started his professional career at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York where he worked in open-market operations and bank supervision.

Kudlow was educated at the University of Rochester and Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs.

Follow Larry Kudlow on Twitter: @Larry_Kudlow.


  • Democratic Strategist Bob Shrum had strong words on last night’s show about the Hillary Clinton camp’s relentless attacks on Obama. The latest attack of course, came from Hillary-supporter Geraldine Ferraro -- Walter Mondale’s 1984 vice-presidential running mate. Shrum thinks Democrats are courting disaster. I agree.

  • Yesterday marked the Federal Reserve’s largest liquidity injection yet to banks and brokers. The Fed announcement produced Wall Street’s best day in five years. The Dow rocketed over 400 points. Stocks rallied around the world. The key question now: whether or not the news is a real game-changer or a 1-day wonder. Here is some interesting stock market and economic insight on all this from last night’s Kudlow & Company.

  • Recession or not, the economy is definitely in a significant slowdown. This poses a daunting challenge for the Republican Party. Not only could it make Senator McCain’s election tougher, but it’s going to affect House and Senate races as well.

  • Following is a transcript of my recent interview with former Texas Sen. Phil Gramm, who boasts a long, distinguished, pro-growth track record. Currently a UBS investment banker, Gramm is a steadfast supporter of free markets, a staunch free trader, tax cutter, budget cutter, and entitlement reformer. He also happens to be GOP presidential nominee John McCain’s chief economic advisor.

  • The real winner yesterday was John McCain. No doubt about it. Mac completed his primary victory journey in one of the greatest comebacks in American political history.

  • Editorial in Wednesday's New York Sun: "The best advice for Senator McCain that we've read is the call in the adjacent columns, by Larry Kudlow, for the senator to lead a campaign in respect of the dollar. Mr. Kudlow, a supply-sider of the Reagan school, reckons Mr. McCain should campaign to reverse the declining fortunes of what he calls 'the Bush wartime dollar' because, as Mr. Kudlow puts it, 'America's prestige is on the line.'"

  • We’re gearing up for a top-notch primary special on Kudlow & Company this evening. Tune in to CNBC at 7 pm ET for live up-to-the-minute primary results and much more.

  • 100_bills_stacked.jpg

    If Sen. John McCain wants to run as a candidate of change, and if he’s truly interested in distancing himself from President Bush, he should reverse the declining fortunes of the Bush wartime dollar. America's prestige is on the line. Right now the greenback is in virtual freefall.

  • Some interesting insights from Peter Wehner on last night’s Kudlow & Company. Mr. Wehner worked in the Reagan and both Bush administrations. He is now senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center.

  • Some interesting takes on the markets, economy, and where to put your money on last night's Kudlow & Company. Joe Battipaglia, market strategist at Stifel Nicolaus, thinks energy stocks are running on fumes. Over at Forbes, Mike Ozanian is betting on $1000 gold. He thinks food stocks offer investors serious value.

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