Larry Sutton - The Wheelman of Fortune

Blue Collar Millionaire
"You gotta get your hands dirty to pay the bills." -Larry Sutton

Business: RNR Tire Express & Custom Wheels

After 20 years in the rent-to-own industry, Larry Sutton decided it was time to hang up his salesman hat, pick up his golf clubs, and finally relax. But for a guy like Larry, retirement just wasn't his game. In 2000, he decided to break into the tire and wheel industry. But when he applied his rent-to-own knowledge, RNR Tire Express & Custom Wheels really took off. Today, RNR has 83 stores, revenue of $87 million a year, and employs over 500 people. Based out of Tampa, FL, this self-proclaimed tenderhearted loudmouth is known in the industry as "The Rent to Own Reverend" and has no plans of slowing down any time soon.