Live and Learn


  • Claudia Azula-Altucher

    Part of Claudia Azula-Altucher's dream when she came to America was to own a home. Here's what it cost her.

  • Barbara Tantillo

    Barbara Tantillo thought she was financially secure, even after a difficult divorce. She learned the truth the hard way.

  • Nihal Mehta

    After his first venture failed, Nihal Mehta used the lessons he learned to become a successful entrepreneur.

  • Marlene Roth

    It can be easy to amass investments in your employer's stock, but it is a risky move. Here's why diversifying your investments matters.

About Live and Learn

  • In this digital-first series, CNBC shares the real stories of people who’ve faced and recovered from major financial challenges. In candid interviews, they share what they’ve learned from their mistakes and how the experience has shaped their lives, giving viewers real-life financial lessons from an intimate, first-person perspective. Videos are produced by Erika Santoro, Mary Stevens and Stephanie Swart. Text is by Kelley Holland.


Latest Special Reports

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    A fixed-income strategy is key for investors who are retired or are approaching retirement. This special report details the range of tools and strategies used to manage a fixed income portfolio.

  • These are the 2022 JUST 100 companies, a ranking of America’s largest publicly traded companies on ESG issues that define 'just' business behavior and reflect the priorities of the American public, produced in partnership with research nonprofit Just Capital.