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  • Why your 4th of July burger might cost more

    CNBC's Aditi Roy reports on the rise in beef prices in the United States.

  • Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke

    The review has created a tug-of-war between industries arguing the creation of monuments comes at the cost of jobs, and Main Street businesses.

  • The U.S.beef industry wants to make sure any new trade deal is at least at good as the one they have in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, reports CNBC's Ylan Mui.

  • Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

    Two weeks after a man was lynched for allegedly eating beef sparked global outrage, Indian PM Narendra Modi finally broke his silence.

  • An employee arranges meat at an E-Mart Co. store, a subsidiary of Shinsegae Co., in Seoul, South Korea.

    South Korea's beef imports have soared as consumers balk at paying record levels for prized local Hanwoo meat.

  • Fonterra shares plunge after dividend cut

    Matt Joss, research analyst at The Motley Fool, attributes the sharp fall in Fonterra's stock to disappointment over the unexpected cut in dividend forecast.

  • Fonterra embarks on major strategic shift

    Theo Spierings, CEO of Fonterra, explains why the firm's decision buy milk from non-members won't contribute to the current glut in the dairy market.

  • Holy cow! Beefed up prices

    The USDA says beef prices will rise 5-6 percent for the whole year, which is twice the overall rate of food inflation, reports CNBC's Jane Wells.

  • Fund managers and traders have chased hog prices to record highs on fear of a deadly pig virus. But a market reversal could be possible.

  • Bison meat market beefs up

    Amid rising beef prices, CNBC's Jane Wells looks at the USDA's first ever bison meat survey and speaks to two ranchers who are raising and selling bison meat.

  • Where's the beef? Industry facing rocketing prices

    CNBC's Catherine Boyle discusses how a shortage of cattle is causing beef prices to soar.

  • US weather 'bone chilling'

    "It does not look like the cold weather will last into next week," explains WSI senior meteorologist Dan Leonard. Jeff Kilburg, KKM Financial, questions the weather's impact on nat gas and live cattle.

  • Beef Prices Concern Traders

    Beef demand is up, and supplies are down, reports CNBC's Jane Wells. One California rancher Bud Sloan is having to buy feed because of the drought, and has cut his herd nearly in half.

  • Beef Price Sticker Shock

    Beef prices are going up with ground beef up 9 percent in a year, reports CNBC's Jane Wells. And it doesn't look like it will come down any time this summer.

  • Karlie the cow was sold for $170,000.

    Think beef is expensive now? A cow just sold for a record $170,000 at auction in Syracuse, New York.

  • Food Crisis Overplayed?

    Stan Ryan, Vice President at Cargill Corporate says that with markets more open now, there is less chances for a repeat of the 2008 food crisis. He explains more.

  • Corn plants dry in a drought-stricken farm field on July 17, 2012 near Fritchton, Indiana. The corn and soybean belt in the middle of the nation is experiencing one of the worst droughts in more than five decades.

    The Senator from Kansas writes, "We need to approve this drought assistance to ensure livestock producers can continue providing us with the most affordable and safe food supply in the world."

  • Drought's Impact on the Range

    CNBC's Jane Wells reports the most recent crop report from the USDA gives a look at the extended impact of the Midwestern drought on hog farmers and cattle ranchers.

  • Gold Equities: Bull Market Indicator?

    Dennis Gartman of The Gartman Letter, discusses what gold equities, like big mining stocks, can tell investors about the market's next move, and the decline in U.S. cattle prices.

  • Higher Prices, Higher Profits on Chicken & Beef?

    Heather Jones, BB&T Capital Markets, discusses the state of supply and demand for chicken and beef.