Adventure Capitalists

About Adventure Capitalists

Taking entrepreneurs and their pitches out of the studio, Adventure Capitalists is an investment show that tests products in an outdoor, multi-day expedition, putting products through real endurance testing for the first time.


Season 2 Episode 206
(Aired 11-14-2017) tv-pg

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    Season 2 Episode 206 (11-14-2017)

    The investors continue their trek through the Canadian Rockies to try out the latest and greatest adventure products.

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    Season 2 Episode 205 (11-7-2017)

    Investors Jeremy Bloom, Dhani Jones, Shawn Johnson East, and Bode Miller travel deep into the Canadian Rockies to test cutting-edge adventure products.

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    Season 2 Episode 204 (10-31-2017)

    The investors test new adventure products with majestic Utah canyons as the backdrop.

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    Season 2 Episode 203 (10-24-2017)

    The investors make their way to the Florida Coast to test adventure products designed for the water.

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    Season 2 Episode 202 (10-17-2017)

    The investors are in Miami to experience the latest outdoor products designed for the streets.

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    Sandstone Country

    Season 2 Episode 201 (10-10-2017)

    Investors Jeremy Bloom, Dhani Jones, Shawn Johnson East, and Tony Gonzalez traverse Utah’s Moab desert to test rugged outdoor products,