American Greed: Deadly Rich

About American Greed: Deadly Rich

Whether it’s for lust, envy, or revenge, the rich do everything differently...even murder. Deadly Rich takes you inside the lives and deaths of the one percent, exposing the dirty little secrets of how big money drives people to the ultimate sin.

A Crash or a Kill Mystery

Season 1 Episode 110
(Aired 11-19-2018) tv-14

available episodes:

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    The Dungeon Master

    Season 1 Episode 102 (7-16-2018)

    Wealthy suburbanite Jane Bashara is found strangled to death in a seedy part of Detroit.

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    Bound for Murder

    Season 1 Episode 101 (7-9-2018)

    When Fontainebleau Hotel heir Ben Novack, Jr. is found murdered in a hotel room, the twisted secrets of his unconventional life come spilling out.