The Fake Housewife of Orange County
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American Greed

The Fake Housewife of Orange County

Season 12 Episode 163 Aired 08-27-2018 tv-pg

In sunny Laguna Beach, social climber Elizabeth Mulder finances her luxe lifestyle by swindling her best friends.

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    Blood Relatives/End of Life Scam

    Season 12 Episode 157 (4-9-2018)

    A thieving shopaholic son murders his family to cash in on the family’s wealth. Then, a health facility owner uses a billing scheme in a $20 million rip-off.

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    Conn’s Job

    Season 12 Episode 156 (4-2-2018)

    How does superstar disability lawyer Eric C. Conn offer guaranteed client wins? He cheats, scoring a massive Social Security fraud, then vanishes.

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    Stolen Valor Scam

    Season 12 Episode 155 (3-26-2018)

    Purple Heart veteran Darryl Wright claims he suffers debilitating PTSD from his service in Iraq, but his story is an elaborate scam.

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    The Polka King Con

    Season 12 Episode 154 (3-19-2018)

    Jan Lewan is a flashy showman, but when his finances hit a sour note, he rips off his adoring fans.

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    Murderous Plot Meets Reality TV

    Season 12 Episode 153 (3-12-2018)

    When a sexy former escort in Florida plots to take her husband's money and his life, her lover tips off the police.

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    Deadly Opioids, Dirty Doctors

    Season 12 Episode 152 (3-5-2018)

    Two Doctors run their Alabama pain clinics like heartless pill mills—illegally prescribing opioids while destroying lives and pocketing millions.

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    “The Most Hated Man in America?”

    Season 12 Episode 151 (2-26-2018)

    Martin Shkreli jacks the price of a life-saving drug 5000%, but it’s his shady accounting and Internet trolling that lands the “Pharma Bro” in hot water.