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When L.A.’s wealthiest put their multimillion-dollar properties up for sale, they sometimes learn that the house of their dreams…isn’t anyone else’s. And, as a result, their very “unique” creations can end up sitting on the market for years. That’s where superstar real estate agent Aaron Kirman and his team come in. To fix up the homes and attract the right buyers, they’ll need to tell these owners the cold, hard truth—something the rich and powerful don’t always like to hear.

The House with Endless Hallways

Season 1 Episode 108
(Aired 3-4-2020) tv-pg

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    The House with Endless Hallways

    Season 1 Episode 108 (3-4-2020)

    Aaron and Yawar try to help artists in the Hollywood Hills sell their uniquely designed home, but their controlling nature might get in the way of a deal.

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    The Flashing Neon Party Pad

    Season 1 Episode 107 (2-26-2020)

    A fun-loving divorcé in San Clemente has struggled to find a buyer for his home—probably because his party-pad décor isn't a great fit for the family-friendly neighborhood.

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    The Purple Rose of Calabasas

    Season 1 Episode 106 (2-19-2020)

    Aaron and Neyshia take on a client with a curious preference for purple…only to learn that paint color is the least of their problems with this house.

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    The House on the 16th Hole

    Season 1 Episode 105 (2-12-2020)

    A $12-million-mansion in a golf course community isn’t quite the hot commodity its owners hoped it’d be, but Aaron and Morgan are determined to turn up the temperature.

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    The Finest English Manor in Napa

    Season 1 Episode 104 (2-5-2020)

    When Aaron and Neyshia travel to Napa to take on a one-of-a-kind vineyard estate, they must tread carefully—because the eccentric owners have already fired them once before.

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    The Best Castle in Orange County

    Season 1 Episode 103 (1-29-2020)

    A $30 million Tuscan-style castle sticks out like a sore thumb in its Newport Beach neighborhood, but the stubborn seller is convinced she’s got the right house at the right price.

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    The Marble Monument to Love

    Season 1 Episode 102 (1-22-2020)

    A widower says he wants to sell the dream house his late wife designed, but his emotional attachment to the property makes it hard to let go.

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    The Cold Box on the Beach

    Season 1 Episode 101 (1-15-2020)

    A desperate divorcée enlists superstar agent Aaron Kirman to help unload her beach house—a stark modern box that’s been sitting on the market.