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The Sharks—tough, self-made, multimillionaire and multibillionaire tycoons—give budding entrepreneurs the chance to make their dreams come true and secure deals that could make them rich.


Season 7 Episode 708
(Aired 7-16-2018) tv-pg

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    Season 7 Episode 708 (7-16-2018)

    Jimmy Kimmel returns to the Tank with security guard Guillermo with new mind-blowing ideas.

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    Season 6 Episode 614 (7-16-2018)

    Pitches include a stamping kit to prove Santa stopped by, a book and plush toy for Hanukkah, and more.

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    Season 6 Episode 623 (7-11-2018)

    Young billionaire Nick Woodman, Founder and CEO of GoPro, returns to the Tank as a Guest Shark.

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    Season 4 Episode 411 (7-11-2018)

    The Sharks salute a Marine Corps officer who hopes they'll invest in his nutritional supplement.

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    Season 5 Episode 527 (7-10-2018)

    A student from a traditional Indian family wants to make her American dream come true.