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Shark Tank


Season 8 Episode 813 Aired 10-09-2018 tv-pg

Pitches include a line of dolls created by parents to inspire self-esteem in girls.

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    Season 7 Episode 705 (10-11-2018)

    The ante is upped when the Sharks start to bid OVER the asking price for a product and the million-dollar offers start to fly.

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    Season 6 Episode 626 (10-10-2018)

    The Sharks take no prisoners, driving one entrepreneur to tears.

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    Season 5 Episode 503 (10-10-2018)

    Sharks Kevin O’Leary and Robert Herjavec team up to battle Mark Cuban over a deal.

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    Season 3 Episode 315 (10-9-2018)

    Billy Blanks, Jr. asks the sharks to invest in a dance fitness program, and more.