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About The Profit

When Marcus Lemonis isn't running his multibillion-dollar company, Camping World, he goes on the hunt for struggling businesses that are desperate for cash and ripe for a deal. In each one-hour episode of The Profit, Lemonis makes an offer that's impossible to refuse: his cash for a piece of the business and a percentage of the profits. And once inside these companies, he'll do almost anything to save the business and make himself a profit--even if it means firing the president, promoting the secretary, or doing the work himself.

available episodes:

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    An Inside Look: Tumbleweed Tiny Homes

    Season 1 Episode 27 (3-24-2020)

    An inside look into the big business of tiny homes with Marcus Lemonis and John Wiesbath, host of Tiny House Nation.

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    An Inside Look: Grafton Furniture

    Season 1 Episode 26 (3-17-2020)

    Marcus Lemonis and Executive Producer Amber Mazzola revisit an emotional episode about a family-run furniture business in Miami.

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    An Inside Look: Flex Watches

    Season 1 Episode 25 (3-10-2020)

    Marcus and Amber invite the original Flex owners into the studio and reveal behind-the-scenes insights about the episode.

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    An Inside Look: 240 Sweets

    Season 1 Episode 24 (3-3-2020)

    Marcus Lemonis and Executive Producer Amber Mazzola reveal insights into a fan-favorite episode about a gourmet marshmallow business that went from sweet to sour in an epic showdown.

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    A Crash Course in Van Life

    Season 7 Episode 712 (2-25-2020)

    A van conversion company wants to expand, and it's a business space that Marcus knows well. But with shoddy work and a confusing process, this "dream-making" company might just drive off a cliff.

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    Who's the Big Cheese

    Season 7 Episode 711 (2-18-2020)

    At Ideal Cheese Shop in New York City, a father and son are at odds and their store is being neglected. Marcus must help this family-run business renew their passion and refresh their look.

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    Cover Your Hide

    Season 7 Episode 710 (2-11-2020)

    One woman’s mission to create her own line of handbags has resulted in a quality - but bland and overpriced - product.

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    B Sweet

    Season 7 Episode 709 (1-28-2020)

    At a dessert shop in Los Angeles, Marcus must help a sweet and successful entrepreneur reign in her ideas before her many ventures cause chaos to her delectable empire.

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    Rise of an American Floodtown

    Season 7 Episode 708 (1-21-2020)

    In a special episode, Marcus Lemonis travels to a town on the Mississippi River that has been devastated by flooding.

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    Mississippi River Cleanup

    Season 7 Episode 790 (1-7-2020)

    Marcus Lemonis joins former clam digger and environmentalist Chad Pregracke and his team as they clean up part of the Mississippi River near Memphis.

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    Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix

    Season 7 Episode 707 (12-17-2019)

    A mini racecar track and amusement park has become outdated and run out of gas. Marcus Lemonis will try to help the owner get out of the past and thrive in the future.

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    Hatbox & Ramp

    Season 7 Episode 706 (12-10-2019)

    Marcus Lemonis shares insights on two companies where he did not make a deal: Hatbox, a Texas haberdashery, and Ramp, a Utah ski and snowboard manufacturer.

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    Macaron Queen

    Season 7 Episode 705 (12-3-2019)

    A mother and daughter team dealing with health problems and family resentments needs Marcus to help them face their issues and raise their macaron business to the next level.

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    Polar Bear Coolers

    Season 7 Episode 704 (11-26-2019)

    At Polar Bear Coolers, sales have been plummeting the last few years due to a broken inventory process and an owner more concerned with "rocking out" than appreciating his employees.

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    An Inside Look: FuelFood

    Season 1 Episode 23 (11-19-2019)

    This week, clean eating isn't just for health nuts. Marcus Lemonis and Executive Producer Amber Mazzola revisit a Profit classic: FuelFood.

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    Skinny Latina

    Season 7 Episode 703 (11-19-2019)

    Local Miami celebrity Ana Quincoces has personality to spare, but her burgeoning sauce and marinade business has failed to take off.

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    An Inside Look: KOTA Longboards

    Season 1 Episode 22 (11-12-2019)

    Marcus Lemonis, Amber Mazzola, and Entrepreneur Rob Dyrdek revisit Kota Longboards, a skateboard manufacturer where employee turnover is rampant.

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    Season 7 Episode 702 (11-12-2019)

    "Coco Vinny” wants to spread the “coco love" to the rest of the country by selling coconut beverages.

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    An Inside Look: Simple Greek

    Season 1 Episode 21 (11-5-2019)

    Marcus Lemonis and Amber Mazzola take a look back at an episode about a family-owned Greek restaurant franchise, My Big Fat Greek Gyro.

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    Season 7 Episode 701 (11-5-2019)

    At a struggling Italian restaurant in New Jersey, Marcus Lemonis tries to teach owner Dante management skills.