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The Profit


Season 6 Episode 602 Aired 12-11-2018 tv-pg

A manufacturer and retailer with a unique product experienced early success, but the owner's bad habits are jeopardizing her business.

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    Ben's Garden

    Season 6 Episode 604 (1-15-2019)

    Ben started designing and selling home decor at 8 years old. Several decades later, his company's revenue is dropping, and employees are jumping ship.

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    Santa's Toys

    Season 6 Episode 603 (12-18-2018)

    After a call from the North Pole, Marcus travels to Santa Clause, IN, to save Santa’s Toys.

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    NYC Bagel Deli

    Season 6 Episode 601 (12-4-2018)

    A master bagel maker has built a big following in Chicago. But even as he dreams of expansion, his business is growing stale.