Massage Heights
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Undercover Boss

Massage Heights

Season 5 Episode 510 Aired 04-13-2019 tv-pg

Shane Evans, COO of Massage Heights, goes undercover to find the kinks in her company.

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    Phenix Salons, Inc.

    Season 6 Episode 605 (4-13-2019)

    Former hairstylist turned President, Gina Rivera, combs through her company for potential kinks.

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    True Value

    Season 6 Episode 601 (4-13-2019)

    A former FBI agent goes undercover to investigate the True Value of his employees.

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    Idina Menzel

    Season 9 Episode 904 (4-13-2019)

    Grammy Award-winning singer and actress Idina Menzel goes undercover to find the next Broadway sensation.