Luxury Boom: The New Big Spenders

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An insatiable appetite for high-end merchandise is fueling a boom in luxury spending. From fast cares to expensive shoes, companies are cashing in on the new business of bling.

Surprising new shopping trends and unexpected gender twists are pushing big name luxury brands to new heights. A new breed of big spenders is out in full force, where men shop like ladies and women spend like men. Beyond the role reversal there's a new group of shoppers with a spending habit that's setting the luxury world on fire. From the retail front lines, CNBC's Courtney Reagan goes one-on-one with Ferrari, Coach and other iconic brands to reveal how major brands are benefiting from a luxury boom.

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  • When it comes to quality craftsmanship and one-of-a-kind design, luxury goods reign supreme.  Luxury also usually means a price tag that has consumers digging deep into their wallets.  While some people will pay big bucks for the high-end name alone, designers and manufacturers say they have reasons for their hefty prices. The item may be hand-made or a limited edition, or the design could include an expensive fabric or piece of jewelry. Whatever the reason, some consumers don’t seem to mind. Lu

    When it comes to quality craftsmanship and one-of-a-kind design, luxury goods are supreme. But why do high-end products cost so much? Find out.

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    Gender roles are no longer trendy when it comes to luxury shopping.

  • Luxury Boom: Ferrari

    The sweet sound of a Ferrari patented? As he drives the Ferrari FF the president of Ferrari North America reveals the Ferrari engine's purr is painstakingly engineered and Ferrrari has patents to prevent other car makers from trying to knock it off.

  • Luxury Boom: Ferrari

    Here's an inside look at the Ferrari flagship store in New York City. CNBC's Courtney Reagan takes a tour of the shop with President of Ferrari North America, Marco Mattiacci. Find out how customers can personalize their dream Ferrari and what makes their sports cars unique.

  • Luxury Spending

    From high heels to high-octane driving, the world of luxury is on fire. CNBC's Courtney Reagan sits down with President of Manolo Blahnik, George Malkemus, to talk about the demand for quality and craftsmanship in their designer shoes. Get a sneak peek at a limited edition Ferrari that sold out in less than an hour!

  • The New Big Spenders

    So who's fueling this luxury boom? Ed Jay, SVP with American Express Business Insights, gives his take on a new group of big spenders who are walking into the world of luxury in this surprising new trend.

  • Luxury Boom: Manolo Blahnik

    Don't expect to see a cheap Manolo at H&M or Target. The president of Manolo Blahnik US on why the famous stiletto maker has no plans to design a low-end line for a mass market retailer.

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