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Mark Koba

Mark Koba
Senior Editor, CNBC

Mark Koba is a senior editor at CNBC.com. Topics for his feature story writing include the business of politics, health care, employment and the economy.

Before working at CNBC.com, he spent 11 years at Bloomberg LP, where among various duties, he was program producer for the award-winning "Bloomberg Small Business" television show.

Koba's background includes a decade of news writing and show producing at CNN, E! Entertainment Television, ABC's "World News Now," "Good Morning America" and CBS' "This Morning."

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  • Good morning all. We have a new leader as of the close on Friday 3/16, Vicario Domenico, with a portfolio value of $2,087,479.16, the first leader to break the $2 million threshold!! Vicario relied heavily on Fremont General, making a total of $1,031,357.84, half his portfolio value on several trades of FMT beginning on 3/5 at $5.89 through his current holding of FMT which he...

  • Dear Valued Player: In the rules for the Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge it is stated that any stocks with a market cap below $500,000,000 after the market close on 3/2/07 would not be eligible for trading in the contest. Because of an error in processing, ten companies were considered eligible for the contest despite being slightly below this market cap floor.

  • Don't forget tonight on CNBC -- a special television presentation. It's The CNBC.com Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge- How To Win! For a whole hour, we've got the experts, the stock pickers and the market shrinks--as well as a live studio audience. That's tonight-- March 16th at 7 pm EST--and it's only on CNBC-TV.

  • Hey folks--here's a look at the top percentage gainers and losers from Thursday of this week.Webex is up 22.03% if you bought it on 3/14 at $46.20 and held/sold on 3/15 at $56.38. Webex agreed to be acquired by Cisco for $3.2 billion.

  • We apologize for any inconvenience, but CNBC received inconsistent information as to when TOM Online halted, which is a potential issue related to ADRs. Corporate actions, such as haltings, can not be processed without certainty. Accordingly, trades that were executed between 3/5 and 3/12 will be honored.

  • For all contestants--please read: Some users have experienced delays or problems in accessing their portfolio, and/or were not able to execute transactions. We truly apologize for the inconvenience. As the contest rules state, no corrections or adjustments will be made for trades, attempted trades, or missed trades affected by the operation or downtime of the site. We believe that this problem has been corrected and all functionality has now been restored to all users.

  • Comedienne Judy Gold is currently in 2nd place in "Trading With The Stars." And "hello"--as she likes to say, she's just not satisfied to be there. CNBC's Michelle Cabruso-Cabrera interviewed Judy on "Morning Call." Judy is the celeb trading on the show's first hour. She gave her take...

  • Okay--here's our current celebrity standings as of the market close on Thursday, 3/15. Overall their approach is still a lot more conservative than the majority of our non-celeb leaders - more stable companies and purchases spread across multiple stocks, and it might end up being a race to see who can lose the least. But that's probably to be expected....

  • Here's a look back at the Million Dollar top percent gainers and losers so far this week. As of the close on 3/14, the top trades were: Champion Enterprises, a homebuilder, up 13.94% if you bought on 3/13 at $8.25 and sold on 3/14 at $9.40.

  • Good morning all. Here's how the contest shapes up. Chad Mazeika maintained the top spot in the leaderboard for the 2nd day in a row with a value of $1,912,396.75. Chad's gain from Thursday was based on his Zumiez trade and Bonus Bucks.