Treasure Detectives

Matthew Brandon Hutchens

"Hutch," a.k.a. Matthew Brandon Hutchens, grew up in the San Francisco Bay area. He began performing in show business when he was 5 years old, but his parents also opened his eyes to the world of antiques, and he started collecting as soon as he could walk. By the time he was 10, his room looked like an antique store. He learned to wheel and deal like a pro and had a good eye for quality and value. He read books, studied antiques, and picked the brains of the dealers and collectors he met.

When he was 22, Matthew joined the stage actors union and landed his first professional job. Now he needed a way to survive while pursuing his acting career, so of course, he turned to antiques! Years of reading, studying, buying and selling began to pay off. When he wasn't auditioning he was on the hunt for the next deal and the next sale. He became a regular at every thrift store, junk store and antique store in the city.

Matthew and his best friend started a business called "Junk In The Trunk!" They shopped flea markets and auctions from New York to Pennsylvania, and became street smart veterans of the antique world.

As an actor, Matthew toured with several Broadway productions, before moving to Los Angeles in 2010. He currently assists in pricing for a local estate company, and works privately with families and dealers around the country. His special areas of expertise are high-end military memorabilia, swords, fine art, and jewelry.

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Meet the Team

  • Curtis Dowling is a world-renowned fakes and forgeries detective featured in CNBC's new reality series "Treasure Detectives."

  • Catherine Knebel is Curtis Dowling's research assistant and a treasure detective with an auctioneer's background.

  • Andy Smith is the treasure detective with people skills.

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