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  • Now that we’re about two weeks into the currency trading portion of the contest, we’re starting to see a bit of a trend emerge in who ....

  • It’s a new week in the trading contest and we’ve subsequently seen the top 3 from last Thursday and Friday knocked out. Indeed, it appears that a single trader is occupying the front end of the leaderboard, and his most profitable positions....

  • The currency trading portion of the contest has proven to be very exciting, and on Friday we saw that the top 3 leaders from Thursday held on to their spots. Indeed, contestant number 1 ended Friday with a portfolio balance of $159,643.39, and while

  • The top 2 leaders in the currency trading portion of the contest continued to dominate on Thursday, as they held on to their spots thanks to profitable long carry trade positions. While the most actively traded pair in the contest is Euro versus the US dollar (EUR/USD), the leading contestants since the start of the contest have consistently been those with portfolios heavily invested in the British pound versus the Japanese yen (GBP/JPY) and Swiss franc (GBP/CHF).

  • Watch out for Wednesday's leading contestant in the currency trading portion of the contest, as he has rapidly ascended the ranks thanks to a heavily leveraged GBP/JPY position. In fact, the top three contestants on Wednesday all reached the top by buying the volatile currency pair. However, with these contestants putting all of their eggs in one basket, any sharp turn in GBP/JPY could knock them out.

  • The currency trading portion of the contest is getting heated as two of yesterday’s leaders remain in the top three, and no surprises here: the British pound remains the most popular currency to trade versus the Japanese yen and Swiss franc.

  • It's the third official day of the currency trading portion of the contest, and the British pound remains the name of the game here. All three leading contestants held on to profits on the currency during the Memorial Day holiday, which highlights one of the biggest benefits of trading forex: they trade actively even when the stock markets are closed!

  • It's the second official day of trading for the currency portion of the contest and the patience of our traders are finally paying off. Yesterday all our three leading contestants banked their gains in the British pound and interestingly enough, the pound is also the currency of choice for our three new leaders.

  • After a few delays, we are thrilled to have launched the currency trading portion of the contest. Just looking at some of the results from the first official day of trading on Wednesday, this should prove to be a very exciting competition. Interestingly enough, all of the day's leaders were trading the British pound.

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