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  • Patrons dance to live music in a bar in Williston, North Dakota.
    By: Sarah Chandler, Special to CNBC.com

    Sake bombs, Flaming Tiger rolls and the $5 coffee before the craft brewery pub crawl: How the oil boom is changing Williston, North Dakota.

  • Street scene in the Belmar section of Lakewood, Colo.
    By: Maggie Overfelt, Special to CNBC.com

    The urban-suburban divide has come full circle and one of the most overlooked solutions to suburban flight is a focus on making communities walkable.

  • Young people shunning the suburbs in favor of city life are leading the charge in the "reurbanization of America," real estate mogul Sam Zell says.

  • Lavasa, a manufactured resort city in India, south of Mumbai a few hours by road. Lavasa was built by the Hindustan Construction Company. View of the homes along Portofino Street. This is a park at one end of the stretch of buildings.
    By: Katherine Foshko Tsan, Special to CNBC.com

    India's new exurban planned communities could be part of a solution to large-scale municipal failings, or the greatest mass fleeing from impoverished cities in the 21st century.

  • View of the "TransMilenio" express bus system and private cars in Bogata, Colombia.
    By: Katherine Foshko Tsan, Special to CNBC.com

    Urban buses of the emerging world have a bad reputation for choking pollution, which they no longer deserve. In fact, they could be future cities' best hope.

  • A coffee-bean picker at a plantation in Colombia.
    By: Bruno del Ama, CEO of Global X Funds

    Though Colombia's cities are set to remain its primary growth engine, the country is now on the cusp of a rural revival.

  • Demonstrators in Rio de Janeiro protest for better public services, a new political system and against the Brazilian PEC37 draft law, a proposed constitutional amendment that would take away the power of independent public prosecutors to probe crimes making it harder to combat corruption.
    By: Deborah Gordon, Special to CNBC.com

    Failure to take advantage of oil revenues helped to spark Brazilian protests. Energy riches, if mismanaged, will trigger urban uprisings around the world.

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