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  • Trade of the day: invest in Mexico?

    How do you make money in these markets? Here is what some of the experts have been saying to CNBC.

  • Banco Interacciones: Mexico cushioned from outflow of capital

    Fernando Moreno, managing director for Treasury and wholesale banking at Mexico's Banco Interacciones, explains how the lender is reacting to the problems plaguing emerging markets.

  • Is Malaysia the next shoe to drop in emerging markets?

    Nizam Idris, MD, Head of Strategy, Fixed Income & Currencies, Macquarie thinks that Malaysia could be the next emerging market to come under pressure following the currency sell-off in India and Indonesia.

  • CNBC’s Rick Santelli argues that emerging markets could cause big problems for fixed-income markets in the developed economies.

  • Reforms that would open up Mexico's energy industry were less aggressive than some oil companies would have liked, but the proposed changes are still likely to have their winners.

  • Mexico's oil reforms' a positive first step: Pro

    Jason Feer, COO Americas at Argus Media says that while challenges remain, Mexico's oil reforms are a step in the right direction.

  • New Mexican energy plan

    New Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto has proposed changing the country's constitution to allow profit-sharing with private oil companies. John Hofmeister, former Shell Oil president, and Jose Valera, Mayer Brown partner, provide perspective.

  • Mexican energy overhaul

    Oil prices remain above $100 a barrel. CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera highlights a new way for Americans to invest in oil.

  • Mexico's energy overhaul plan

    Mexico's president is announcing some major reforms, with CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera. The new Mexican energy plan seeks to allow profit-sharing contracts.

  • Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim.

    Dutch telecom group KPN's main shareholder America Movil has ended an agreement to limit its holding to below 30 percent, a sign it may bid for the whole company.

  • Jack Markell, Governor of Delaware

    Delaware companies in advanced industries are bringing manufacturing jobs back from abroad, such as ILC Dover, and luring new ones from overseas, including Hologic from Germany.

  • Mexico catches drug cartel leader

    Sen. Chuck Grassley says IRS officials targeted political candidates for audits, and a major player in the Mexican drug trade has been caught. CNBC's Josh Lipton has tonight's headlines; and Retired General and former drug czar Barry McCaffrey, weighs in.

  • The war on drugs

    Mexican armed forces arrested Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, the alleged leader of the Zetas drug cartel, near the U.S. border on Monday. Retired general and former U.S. drug czar Barry McCaffrey shares his knowledge of Morales' criminal career.

  • An investor watches the electronic board at a stock exchange hall in Hefei, China.

    Don't be tempted by cheap emerging market valuations just yet, say strategists: The short term is still fraught with danger.

  • The Treasury said on Friday it will postpone enforcement of a new law that cracks down on offshore tax avoidance by Americans.

  • The Best Market Outside US: Pro

    It's time to buy what others are selling in emerging markets, Will Landers of BlackRock says.

  • View of the "TransMilenio" express bus system and private cars in Bogata, Colombia.

    Urban buses of the emerging world have a bad reputation for choking pollution, which they no longer deserve. In fact, they could be future cities' best hope.

  • The threat of less central bank stimulus and higher interest rates crushed emerging markets more than most recently. And some investors see deals.

  • The spike in US Treasurys is creating investment opportunities in emerging countries like Brazil, where the Embraer is built.

    Latin American markets got creamed in the past month. The spike in U.S. Treasury yields has had a negative effect for regional currencies, but there's a way to invest.

  • Invest in Mexican Bonds: Pro

    Christian Keller, economist at Barclays, talks about investing in emerging markets, how Fed tapering fears are impacting them and why he is very bullish on Mexico.