The 'Middle Market'

  • The Middle Market - A CNBC Special Report

    The middle-market is active in M&A right now because it's easier for smaller companies to get deals done.

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    The middle market is to the U.S. economy what North America was to Christopher Columbus: a giant, incredibly important, heretofore “undiscovered” but now unavoidable and centrally important part of the world’s landscape, says's David Maney.

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    The investment bank is cutting its workforce by 30 to 35 percent as it struggles to stay profitable in a difficult environment.

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    This week's mega-mergers have suddenly forced mid-sized players to reexamine their strategies.

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    While the country as a whole remains in the economic doldrums, a huge swath of the American economy is growing. 

  • Government Regulation

    While most middle market executives concede the need for regulation, they've got a list of stipulations on how it should be done, and how its hurting their business.

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    Cloud computing, on-demand software and social media marketing are providing easier access to previously unaffordable resources.

  • Tom McGee, National Managing Partner, Deloitte

    Business leaders from across the country are gathering this October to dissect a little understood, but enormous part of the US economy — the middle market. 

  • GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt

    In an uncertain, volatile time, companies must keep their nerve and keep investing, says Immelt.

  • If the Occupy Wall Street movement has you thinking that only Wall Street titans earn millions, think again. Middle Market CEOs – presiding over companies worth far less than any in the S&P 500 – are quietly getting rich. Wall Street may have propagated the myth that financial wizardry is a prerequisite for wealth, but these CEOs prove otherwise – earning handsome salaries for running companies that provide tangible products like clothing, housewares, and school supplies. The CEOs listed here ru

    Middle Market CEOs – presiding over companies worth far less than any in the S&P 500 – are quietly getting rich. Click to see executives leading middle market companies.

  • Middle Market Mayhem

    CNBC's Mary Thompson has the story on banks taking off their gloves in a battle to win business from the middle market.

  • Maclin & Middle Markets

    CNBC's Mary Thompson talks to interviewing Todd Maclin, JPMorgan Chase commercial banking CEO, about the competitive environment and growth opportunities for middle-market lending--one of the most profitable areas for the nation's top banks.