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    The assignment is to come up with some predictions for 2008. A prediction according to Webster's is "to say in advance. To Foretell." You know, like a fortune teller. Here's what I can tell you about your fortune. You won't have it long if you rely on predictions. That said, here are a few guesses as to what might happen next year.

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    I wonder if I'll be able to get into my garage when I get back from this trip to Michigan and Ohio? Sure I will. After all it is 2007 right? How long can it take to get a garage door part? "They say it's going to take two weeks." It's my lovely wife on the phone. " I asked them why and the woman didn't know. They say the part has to come from Ohio."

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    "Just keep smiling. Yes, it's getting tiring, Yes, you're sweating a little heavily. But just keep smiling."  That's me talking to myself as I stand in the kitchen of Hammond's Candies in Denver, Colorado.

  • Colorado Governor Bill Ritter

    This is not something you'll hear me say often--I feel some political optimism blossoming in my soul. Yes, I'm a bit on the mature side for political naiveté, but after talking to Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, a Democrat, and the first native born Coloradoan to be elected Governor in decades, I'm feeling a little tingle. Just in my extremities mind you, but it's there.

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    How many of you have ever met Levi Strauss? How about J.C. Penney, the man, not the store? Did you ever call Sam Walton a "hillbilly" and an "s.o.b." in print? The answer of course is, no. But "Papa Jack" Weil has done all three and lived to tell about it. He's lived 106 years.

  • Evel Knievel 1938-2007

    I got to thinking about Evel Knievel this morning. He finally died at the end of last week. I say finally because Evel is a guy who had already died a thousand deaths--this time I think it'll stick. I first met Knievel in the early 70's. I Remember it like it was yesterday. Castle Rock Drag way in Castle Rock Colorado. He was there to jump some buses I believe.

  • Pink Jeep Tour

    I'm not sure if this is what they meant by a "vortex." Staring straight down at a 45 degree angle on the side of a rock in the back country outside Sedona, Arizona. "So you test tires for the tire companies, huh?", I ask Mike Peach, our driver and guide. "When do you do that?"

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    By pure serendipity I was in a position to watch all of the National Football League games this past weekend. All of them. This just in--the party is over. In Hollywood terms, the NFL has "jumped the shark".

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    Try this next time you're at the gym. Start up that treadmill-like device, an ArcTrainer, I think it's called, and while you're running at about your maximum speed, try interviewing the guy standing next to you. By the way, he's the CEO of the company that makes the machine you're exercising on, so it's important that in between all that wheezing, you actually hear what he has to say.

  • Hunting

    Stuffing, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, turkey, and your 12 gauge. All of them traditions here in Brown County, South Dakota. Hunting in these parts is as much a part of the late fall as pumpkin pie. And it adds hundreds of millions of dollars to the state's economic bottom line.