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    We have a pair of Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge finalists to "introduce" to you. Stephen Luchko (pictured) is from Swarthmore, Pennsylvania--and a portfolio accountant for The Haverford Trust Company. And Greyson Masters (interview below) is a market research executive and lives in Winchester, Virginia. He says he trades for pleasure. The pleasure may be ending as both have just two days now to get the winning portfolio value for the $1,000,000 prize!

  • Several of our CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge finalists are "betting" on gaming stocks for a big finish--so they can win a cool $1,000,000. Gamestop is the stock of choice with earnings coming out. Also, The Men's Wearhouse is "wearing" well with the top two contestants. Here's a look at the top standings and current portfolio values. The contest ends this Friday, so the clock is ticking!! (video below with Margaret Brennan wrapping it all up for you)

  • Chuck Chow

    Here's a look at another of our CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Contest finalists--Chuck Chow. Chuck was one of our weekly winners and that enabled him to become one of the twenty finalists. He's a retired chemical engineer and lives in Bollingbrook, Illinois with his family. He invests in the market for personal, not professional, reasons. His strategy for his winning week was to "go all in on one stock. By the way be sure and check out our slide show on all the finalists.

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    James Kraber is a finalist in the CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge. He and 19 others are competing for the $1,000,000 prize--but time is running out. There's only 3 days left in the contest for someone to come up with a CNBC stock portfolio with the highest value. Here's a little more about James with the video piece that aired on CNBC today.

  • Here's our latest contest "stock report." Mortgage finance company FMT is back in the news--as a best performer, thought it's been gone for a while as one of the most widely held, it's in the most active list. And GIGM turned into a negative play with news the company sees slower growth ahead. Here you go..

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    Carl Altenburg is one of our finalists in the CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge--and he's looking for a good stock right now with only three trading days left in the contest. He talked about his latest stock pick on "Squawk on the Street." He's currently all in on Gamestop but that stock is sinking about 4 percent today. Carl says he's planning to get out of Gamestop and look for a small or midcap that could have some surprise earnings coming out in the next two days.

  • Well, the Second Chance Contestants are slaughtering the Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge finalists--when it comes to total value and % gain. The Second Chance leader is Aric Fanzmeier with a  portfolio at $2,096,987.59. He's outpacing the current leader in the finals contest, Nancy Beaumont--by 57% or $764,984.19, with Nancy's current portfolio value of $1,332,003.40.

  • Nancy Beaumont

    Good morning all. Here's what's happening on our finals leaderboard with three days of trading left. Nancy Beaumont--pictured left--remains in first place--even with losing almost $30K on Pacific Sunwear Tuesday. And Serge Amelyan moves back into 2nd on an almost $5K gain on Vanda Pharma, and helped by Steven Lee's $76K loss on Neurochem.

  • So, who's leading the pack as the CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge heads into its final days (only four left)? Well, we have the up to date standings along with a video clip with the ins and outs. We also have the leaders of the Second Chance Showdown. This is for the contestants who didn't make it into the finals--but can win a Sony Home Theatre Entertainment system. The winner in each category will have to come up with the portfolio with the largest value.

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    Greyson Masters is one of the twenty finalists in our Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge. He's profiled here in a video piece from "Morning Call." Greyson is currently in 15th place, with just four trading days left in the contest. He's trying to beat the other 19 finalists by creating the portfolio with the largest value to win a cool $1,000,000. Right below you can see his current value and what he owns.

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    Barry Schoelch is one of the "magnificent 20" finalists competing in the CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge. He appeared on "Morning Call" today to talk about the stock that could make or break him (Crystallex). He's currently in 18th place--so he's hoping more for the "make" part. Here's the video and a look at Barry's portfolio value. FYI--Barry is a  33 year old radiology resident at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan.

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    Four days and counting until the end of the CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge. Twenty people are competing for the prize of $1,000,000--and Stephen Luchko is one of them. Stephen appeared on "Squawk Box" this morning to talk about his last few days of contest trading. He's currently in 4th place on the leaderboard. Here's a look at his portfolio value and what he holds. Make sure you listen to the stock picks Stephen makes when he's asked about long-term investing. Quite a change from his contest outlook.

  • Hey everyone, here's a look at the contest stock report. The biggest change appears to be GIGM which appears on the actives list for the first time--as part of the Chinese online gaming play betting on strong earnings before the bell Tuesday. Here you go:

  • Here's what's happening with our Second Chance Showdown leaderboard. Aric Fanzmeier takes first place moving up from second predominantly on his ValueClick trade making him $171K. Ryan Darichuk moves from 3rd place to second making $48K on a 2.58% gain in Netease.com. And previous leader, Linda Gordon fell to third holding onto aQuantive and losing 0.11% on its decline Monday.

  • Nancy Beaumont

    Good morning. Chinese gaming stocks are in the spotlight Monday as The9 propelled Nancy Beaumont to the top of the pack on its 10.31% gain. The9 was up on the news that Electronic Arts agreed to buy a $167M stake in the company, and also licensed a soccer game to The9. Steven Lee managed to hold onto second even though he was all in cash after Friday's trading. He has now gone all-in on Neurochem.

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    John Tepichin is a contender for the CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge contest--and competing for a prize of $1,000,000. He was weekly winner number four in the contest with a portfolio percentage gain of 64.02%, qualifying him for the finals. He's 20 years old, a sophomore at Southern Methodist University, and a day-trader.--and currently in 11th place.

  • It's five days and counting until the end of the CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge contest--with a prize on the line of $1,000,000. We have 20 finalists in the running for the money--and thousands more competing in the Second Chance Showdown for a Sony Home Theatre Entertainment System. The players have until close of trading this Friday to create the portfolio with the biggest value.

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    Hey folks, we have guest blogger Jeff Mishlove with some thoughts for the final week of the contest. Here's his post: One week ago, I recommended a momentum strategy based upon selecting stocks that had been surging in price during the past three months. At that time, I recommended five stocks: SCHN, NTRI, FCX, LRCX and VCLM. I see that four out of these five stocks are now up for the week.

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    Here's a closer look at Donald Tang, one of our Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge contest finalists and a weekly winner (he was number 9). We have a video clip also--with an analyst--David Chalupnik from First American Funds head of equities--talking about Donald's contest strategy.  Donald is one of 20 finalists competing for the $1,000,000 prize.

  • Here's a look at our "stock report" for both the finals and Second Chance Showdown. As we've already posted, aQuantive was the big gainer for many of you in SCS. And Trump Entertainment came in a "winner" as a result of takeover interest. (wonder if The Donald likes being a contest best performer). The most actives and widely held remain pretty much the same.