Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge

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    Hey everyone, we have another guest blogger. He's Timothy Sykes, and like Jeff Mishlove and James Altucher, he's a regular on the contest program "How To Win." All three are going to be giving their insights and more as we move along. These are good companion pieces to what they say on "How To Win." It's a pleasure to have all three.  So, here's Timothy:

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    World champ poker player Chris Moneymaker went all in on one stock for "Trading With The Stars" and expected to be in first place! But that honor belongs to actor Willie Garson, as we've noted today. Chris talked about his mvoes with the crew of  "Squawk on the Street," the show he's playing for.

  • Wow--a big move and an exciting day for the celebrities in "Trading With The Stars." In a big upset--really big--actor Willie Garson propels himself from last place to take the top spot on a HUGE gain with his trade on Robbins & Myers. All our celebs showed gains in their portfolio except for Ernie Hudson who lost out on AgioDynamics which he held a day too long, erasing his earlier gains and dropping him into last place..

  • Here's our look at the stocks making the most "noise" with traders. There's a new name on the most actives--as you will see below. And Freemont General seems to have run its course, and takes a top spot in the worst performing list--while still showing up in the most active list as well as the most widely held.

  • Good morning all. Deborah Taft continues to hold first place, though her position becomes more tenuous each day. All the drama continues to center around the race for the #2 spot with Parker Robinson unseating Chad Mazeika once again who dropped to 5th place.

  • Hey folks. Here's our recap for the today with leaderbaord, most active stocks and our trivia questions. The video is provided by the crew at "Power Lunch." The video trivia question is worth $2,000 Bonus Bucks: Industrial & Commercial Bank of China posted a jump of how much in 2006 profits? And the news question is worth $1,000 Bonus Bucks...

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    Trading With The Stars' Judy Gold is currently in 5th place, after being in 4th after being in 6th. (scorecards please). But is she happy staying where she is? (where is she? oh yeah, 5th) No, she's not! In fact she went to the source--Wall Street itself--to get just the tips she needs. And we have the video to prove it. What kind of advice did she get? Well, how about buying pears instead of apple? (aha--yes, someone said it).

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    Wow-there were a lot of big gains Tuesday, and many of our celebs came from behind to move up the ranks. Chris Moneymaker stepped it up taking the lead with an all-in buy of Gigamedia  Monday, netting him over $47,000, Tuesday (and for being first, Chris gets his picture posted). And Ernie Hudson moved from 8th to 6th, AND Johnny Bench moves up two spots from 9th to 7th. At last (and no longer close to last) Johnny's making his move!! Here are the standings:

  • Our celeb stock players seem to be getting the hang of "making money." All but two of them saw gains Monday (even Johnny Bench!). Ernie Hudson had the biggest "up" percentage--gaining 1.01% or just a little over $10k. Only Chris Gardner, down a minisucle 0.01% or $80.00 and Wille Garson, down a bigger .058% or $5,600, came out on the losing end.

  • Johnny Bench

    As we've noted, Hall of Famer Johnny Bench has been "trading places" so to speak, between 9th and 10th in "Trading With The Stars." That's either last or second to last. So, can he do better? He certainly said so on "Squawk Box" this morning. Johnny talked with CNBC's Joe Kernen who wore Cincinnati Reds number 8--the number worn by Bench teammate Joe Morgan

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    Actor Stephen Collins continues to make solid gains each day--and he's very consistent in adding $3,000 a day in Bonus Bucks (so that's why we put in his picture). His strategy is paying off as he builds his lead in "Trading With The Stars." Actor Ernie Hudson is making some buys and sells as is Hall of Famer Johnny Bench--who's still in 9th place, but at least he's staying out of the cellar..

  • Actor Stephen Collins may have to have a trading floor of his own pretty soon. Just get a look below at the buys and sells he made Thursday for "Trading With The Stars." He sure likes to diversify and expand his portfolio.  Jonathan Tucker and Chris Moneymaker keep their spots at 2 and 3. There was some movement in the standings as Judy Gold moved up to 4th from 5th--while Ernie Hudson fell from the 4th spot all the way down to 8th.

  • Judy Gold is moving on up in the "Trading With The Stars" portion of our Million Dollar Portfolio contest. She's now in 4th place--up two spots from 6th. Judy's holding of SSRI, seems to be paying off. the leader--Stephen Collins remains in the top spot--followed by Jonathan Tucker and Chris Moneymaker. Most of the stars stayed away from making many trades Tuesday, except for Willie Garson...

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    World Champion Poker player Chris Moneymaker is in Monte-Carlo for a poker tournament, but that didn't stop him from talking with CNBC's Erin Burnett and Jim Cramer on "Squawk on the Street" about his contest strategy. Chris is in 3rd place as of Monday's trades but he said today that "being in second place, you might as well be in last."

  • Most of our celebs had a slow day Monday, but James Cromwell "has been a machine" as someone said. Not only is he buying stocks, he's putting those bonus bucks to work--something the other celebs--and you non-celebs should be using to your advantage. Willie Garson used them to put Johnny Bench back in last place.

  • We mentioned earlier today that Stephen Collins has moved up to number one in "Trading With The Stars." Here's a breakdown of where each celeb stands as of Friday's action. Remember--the stars are playing for a chance to give their favorite charity a $50,000 donation. Sorry to say that after a brief stay in 9th place, Johnny Bench is back in dead last.

  • Stephen Collins

    There's a new name on the leaderboard for "Trading With The Stars," and that name is...Stephen Collins. He knocks fellow actor Jonathan Tucker from first place and into second. Jonathan was number on from the beginning of the contest. But no more. Chris Moneymaker is in third place and James Cromwell move up from 5th to 4th place.

  • Here is the daily contest video update from today's "Power Lunch." Bill Griffeth and Sue Herera go down the list of names from the regular contest as well as "Trading With The Stars." They also go over today's trivia questions for those interested in the bonus bucks. Several leaders on the non-celeb board have used them to get ahead--or at least increase their chances.

  • Stephen Collins

    Actor Stephen Collins is now in second place in "Trading With The Stars," moving up from 5th. He appeared on "Morning Call" today (the show he's playing for) and talked to CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera and Dylan Ratigan. Stephen says the switch from regular investing to "contest investing" is hard for him to get around.

  • Some movement from Thursday's action in "Trading With The Stars." Stephen Collins is now in 2nd place, pushing out fellow actor Ernie Hudson and leaving him in 3rd place. Jonathan Tucker remains on top--but bad news for Hall of Famer Johnny Bench. Johnny, who moved up to the number 9 spot--is back at the bottom in 10th place.