Mob Money: Murders & Acquisitions

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The American Mafia thrives in this country because of its unique business model that operates more like a corporate empire than a band of thieves. For more than 80 years, the Mafia has represented the dark underbelly of capitalism and a warped vision of the American Dream.

Corruption, violence and murder help keep the Mob in the red. “Mob Money: Murders and Acquisitions” explores seven different murders and how they helped line mobster pockets. From the 1931 murder of Joe Masseria to the 1985 murder of Paul Castellano, millions of dollars are at stake in some of the American Mafia's biggest mob hits.

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  • Hollywood has long had a love affair with the world of organized crime. The sex, drugs, greed and violence were seemingly made for film. It all started in 1932, when the original "Scarface," directed by Howard Hawks and produced by Howard Hughes, hit the big screen. Censors demanded the subtitle “The Shame of the Nation” be added so filmgoers wouldn’t view the movie as a glorification of gangster life. So much for that."Scarface" was the most violent film of its time, and set the bar high for fu

    Here, we take a look at a full baker's dozen of the most successful gangster movies of all time based on inflation-adjusted box office sales.

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