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  • Apple Store 5th Ave NY

    Steve Jobs' decision to include a new product in one of his Apple stores is the ultimate stamp of approval. Today (Tuesday), he gave that rare approval to "Square," a plug in credit-card reader from one of the co-founders of Twitter, Jack Dorsey. This could be just the boost Square needs to bring its mobile payments system to the mainstream, as the competition heats up.

  • Ticketmaster's CEO Nathan Hubbard knows he's got a major problem. Ticket sales were down by double digits, and 40 percent of seats went unsold last year. Now, he has a solution, one he unveiled on CNBC's "Power Lunch" today. It's 'dynamic' ticket pricing, a technology developed with a company called MarketShare.

  • Ticketmaster's New Strategy

    Nathan Hubbard, Ticketmaster CEO shares his plan to help consumers gain fair access to tickets, and control fees.

  • Warner Brothers

    The way iTunes changed music, Warner Brothers wants to change movies. Today the studio gave me an exclusive look at an entertainment app it's been working on for years - the ultimate destination for people to buy all digital movies, not just Warner Brothers'. It's an app code-named 'Digital Everywhere,' and it's set to launch this summer.

  • Warner Brothers' Mega App

    CNBC's Julia Boorstin talks with Kevin Tsujihara, Warner Bros. home entertainment group president about its newest app, aimed at shaking up the way Hollywood sells movies and TV shows.

  • Angry Birds iPhone app

    Fox and the Finnish game developer behind Angry Birds, Rovio, are working together in an unprecedented marketing partnership, designed to drive the millions addicted to the game into theaters, and moviegoers to download the game.

  • One Life to Live

    ABC said on Thursday that it's canceling "All my Children" and "One Life to Live," two television shows that have been on air for decades and which largely defined the once-dominant soap opera genre.

  • April hasn't been a great month at the U.S. box office. Among the new movies were remake s of the 1981 comedy Arthur and Your Highness, a comedy starring Natalie Portman. Both films opened in wide release with lots of publicity, and they both disappointed at the box office. However, the animated feature Hop, which opened in first place the prior weekend, held the top spot again. It just goes to show, family films are solid business. So, what are the highest grossing children’s films of all time?

    So, what are the highest grossing children’s films of all time? Click to find out.

  • Gamestop store

    GameStop (GME) has a lot working against it. Its very business model — selling video games and consoles — was put into question by the decline in video game sales we've seen through the economic downturn.

  • Twitter

    Twitter is creating an online water cooler, which is driving more people to tune into TV shows to be part of the digital conversation.

  • tv_remote.jpg

    The annual National Association of Broadcasters convention is underway in Las Vegas — all the industry is gathered to preview new technology and discuss how to stay ahead of the ever-growing competition.

  • Katie Couric

    Moonves wouldn't weigh in on the Charlie Sheen controversy, but he did comment on rumors that Katie Couric is considering leaving the network when her contract expires.

  • Hong Kong Disney

    Despite its struggles in Hong Kong, Disney broke ground for a new Shanghai Disney Resort last Friday.  Will it succeed?

  • Cinderella's Castle

    Disney's been working on launching a theme park in China for years, decades by some measures. And now, finally, after securing approval from the Chinese central government, Bob Iger broke down on a new theme park and resort in Shanghai.

  • Gavel

    Time Warner Cable and Viacom have been fighting over whether TWC can stream Viacom's channels to its iPad app in consumers' homes -- now they're turning to judges to decide. This is the latest development in what promises to be an ongoing battle between content creators and distributors -- who controls what?

  • Facebook

    Facebook is all about sharing information with friends, and now it's applying that same approach to a wealth of information about its data management systems.

  • Gordon Gekko from Wall Street

    You can't beat a Forbes Rich List for insight into the world's winners and, err, not so big winners.

  • Pete Campbell from "Mad Men".

    Lionsgate's deal to distribute 'Mad Men' on Netflix after its run on AMC is more than just a syndication deal — It speaks to the growth of streaming video and the fact that Hollywood is starting to think outside its box.

  • Bob Parsons, CEO of GoDaddy

    In the battle for domain name market share, Namecheap.com has turned public outrage at its rival's CEO into a gold mine. Namecheap responded to a video of GoDaddy's CEO Bob Parsons killing an elephant in Zimbabwe, offering a domain transfer special of just $4.99 to "all those disturbed by these actions."

  • Tom Freston

    Today Freston announced an investment in Vice, along with the news that he's coming on board and will act as an advisor on the company's growth, focusing on content and international expansion.