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  • Cramer makes the call on viewers' favorite stocks.

  • Smurfs Movie

    Mark your calendars. June 25th is Global Smurfs Day. I know, I know! Thank goodness someone told me. To celebrate the birthday of Peyo, who created the Smurfs, Sony hopes to set a world record for the most people dressed up in Smurf outfits at the same time.

  • IMAX: The Big Picture

    "It's not about the dimension", says Richard Gelfond, IMAX CEO, defending the balance between 2D and 3D formats.

  • Concert

    Fred Rosen, the godfather of the $18-billion-a-year tickets business, is on a new mission to change it, the New York Times reports.

  • Nintendo

    Nintendo's global president said investors overreacted to the debut of Wii U game console, one day after its shares plunged amid doubts about its consumer appeal.

  • business_rock_book_200.jpg

    In an international environment, many economists and companies think they can organize their companies as they did in the US. In reality, the international market consists of approximately 180 different countries and you have to think uniquely toward each of them. You can’t “export America” to them all.

  • ignition_ent_140.jpg

    Ignition Entertainment is finishing work on "El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron," based on the Book of Enoch, an ancient text that, while not a part of either the Jewish or Christian canon, is printed in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

  • Product placement goes back to the earliest days of film. The first movie ever to win a Best Picture Oscar was a silent 1927 film called Wings, which featured Clara Bow, Gary Cooper and, in one scene, a prominently placed bar of . The practice lives on today, as companies place their products in movies in the hope that filmgoers will buy what they see onscreen. But which cases of product placement in the movies have really worked? Click ahead to see 10 of the most notable product placement succe

    Which cases of product placement in the movies have really worked? Click ahead to see 10 of the most notable product placement success stories.

  • Hangover 2

    The box office has suffered from one of its worst slumps in years; it's down 12 percent year-to-date from last year. And now we're heading into the most important season for Hollywood.

  • Summer Movie Preview

    A look at which media companies will bring in the most revenue from Summer flicks, with David Bank, RBC Capital Markets and David Poland, Moviecitynews.com.

  • Car on road

    Homes sales still slumping, world leaders bidding adieu and gas prices impacting everything. Here's what we're watching...

  • Hangover 2

    The headlines you will see today will reflect that a federal court judge ruled that Warner Brothers' "Hangover 2" will debut on Thursday, thanks to denying an injunction sought by an artist who claimed his tattoo was used in the film without his consent.

  • Blockbuster Summer Movies

    The unofficial start of summer starts this weekend. A look at potential blockbusters at the box office, with Courtney Hazlett, Today.com

  • Wii Fit

    Manufacturers are delivering an ever growing roster of exercise games and interactive fitness technology to health clubs, YMCAs, park, recreation centers and even schools.

  • Dick Ebersol

    Dick Ebersol, the head of for the last 22 years, left the network on Thursday after he could not come to terms on a new contract.

  • With fast-growing hot companies like Facebook staying private, savvy accredited investors are increasingly looking to SecondMarket, which trades private company shares, for a piece of the action. SecondMarket released its first quarter trading numbers Tuesday, and they reveal a few key trends.

  • watching_tv_200.jpg

    When TiVo launched a dozen years ago, industry-watchers worried the DVR would be the death-knell of television. But here we are in the midst of yet another Upfront ad sales season, and DVR technology is actually playing a crucial role in keeping certain shows alive. Instead of killing the networks and their precious advertisers, in many cases, DVRs provide crucial technology to understand exactly who is watching what, and when.

  • The "Fast Money" traders discuss the market movers that caught their eye this week.

  • kim kardashian

    Kim Kardashian may be known for her reality show, but she's also making a name for herself in shoes. Not just wearing them — designing them and selling them at ShoeDazzle, where she's chief stylist.

  • cinderella_castle_AP.jpg

    Disney's fiscal second quarter earnings fell short of Wall Street expectations, on a slew of issues: some controllable; like a movie that bombed, and some uncontrollable; like, the Japanese earthquake.