Nan J. Morrison

Nan J. Morrison
Nan J. Morrison

Nan J. Morrison is president and CEO of the Council for Economic Education. For 70 years CEE has focused on the critical importance of financial and economic literacy in the lives of our nation's young people by providing professional development and resources to K–12 educators. CEE personally reaches more than 55,000 teachers a year nationally, over 2/3 of whom teach in Title I schools. More than 1 million a year visit EconEdLink for free online resources.

Prior to CEE, Morrison spent 20 years as a management consultant (BCG, Accenture) primarily working with technology companies. She serves on the Advisory Board of the MIT Center for Finance & Policy, chaired the executive committee of a $100 million agency serving the aging in New York City and served on the Federal Reserve's Centennial Advisory Council. She was also a founder of Restart Central, an organization that helped small businesses recover in the aftermath of 9/11. 

Morrison holds a BS in applied mathematics/engineering from Yale University and an MBA from the Harvard Business School. She has completed five triathlons.

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