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  • India: the country to watch in 2015

    Loretta Joseph, Head of Capital Markets at Pulse Markets, says consumer durables such as autos are the sector to watch in India. Paul Gambles of MBMG Group joins the conversation.

  • Can PM Narendra Modi deliver change?

    Julie Dickson, portfolio manager at Ashmore says it's "refreshing" that India's government is showing initiative to "urgently" push reforms through to improve business investment.

  • Protestors shout during a demonstration outside the Indian Finance Minister’s residence, demanding the disclosure of the names of black-money holders, Oct. 26, 2014, in New Delhi.

    Black money, the moniker for income that is shipped overseas in order to evade taxes, is something India is moving to make a thing of the past.

  • An employee adjusts gold jewellery on display at the global B2B Jewellery and Gem Fair in New Delhi.

    Gold investors can at least count on one factor lending some support to prices this year—a stronger appetite for the metal in India during Diwali.

  • Presidential candidate Aecio Neves (C) of the Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB) and his wife Leticia Weber arrive to vote in general elections in Belo Horizonte, Oct. 5, 2014.

    Arminio Fraga, the man who could become finance minister of Brazil, knows what he wants to do to help that country's economy.

  • India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi

    The Indian prime minister is being welcomed by corporate executives, Indian Americans and, most importantly, Barack Obama.

  • Modi has 'willingness' to enact reforms: Pro

    Manish Singh, strategist and head of investments at Crossbridge Capital, says reforms in India will happen under Narendra Modi as a "rebuilding effort" is underway to attract investors.