Global Markets 2011 - Special Report

Nicole Lapin

Nicole Lapin_37378363
Anchor, Worldwide Exchange

Nicole Lapin joined CNBC in January 2010 as an anchor of CNBC’s global business news program "Worldwide Exchange " based the U.S.

Previously, Lapin was an anchor at CNN based in Atlanta where she reported breaking news coverage on prominent national and international stories including the Virginia Tech shootings, the Israel-Hezbollah conflict, the Mumbai terror attacks, the Hudson River plane crash and the 2008 presidential election. Lapin also interviewed CEOs, celebrities and politicians including an extended sit-down interview with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in the thick of the state’s 2009 budget crisis. Additionally, Lapin wrote a weekly column for

Prior to joining CNN, Lapin worked as a business and technology reporter for First Business Network on the floor of the major stock exchanges in Chicago. Lapin began her career as a general assignment and investigative reporter at local CBS affiliates in Palm Springs, Calif., Lexington, Ky., and Sioux Falls, S.D.

Lapin studied European Union politics at L'Institut d'Études Politique de Paris. Lapin graduated summa cum laude and as valedictorian of her class from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, also earning honors for a second major in political science. Lapin also serves as a global ambassador for the children’s charity Operation Smile.


  • President Barack Obama

    He pushed, he prodded, and he put all of his finest oratory skills to work. And now, after a grueling debt ceiling debate, President Obama has a House and Senate bill to sign. But – wait – if he really wanted to take a hard line and “git ‘er done,” shouldn’t he have just pulled a Reagan, picked up a pen, and written a proposal himself?

  • Dunkin Donuts

    CEO Travis on Dunkin' Donuts IPO, franchise model, profitability and competition.

  • CNBC-Lapin-20100920.jpg

    Nicole Lapin, of CNBC's Worldwide Exchange, explains what she's long and what she's short this week.

  • adult_novelty_store_200.jpg

    Sex sells, duh. And, apparently, during an economic recession, sex-related sales—from Trojan condoms to wine and chocolate—have been particularly hot.

  • Fork and knife, place setting on money, cutlery on napkin with plate, expensive food

    The franchise world is a game of give and take between the major brands and their underlying companies. It's a game that Focus Brands, which operates the Cinnabon, Auntie Annie’s, and Schlotsky’s franchisees, knows well.

  • NetNet_funemployment_200.jpg

    Old Unfun Job: Director of marketing and social media at marketing agency in the Washington, D.C. area.

  • James Murdoch, son of Rupert Murdoch and Chairman and Chief Executive of News Corporation, Europe and Asia.

    Jefferson used one. Dickens did, too. Churchill could be found at his (when he wasn’t lounging in bed). And now, James Murdoch has his. The standing desk.

  • Two women compare the new iPhone 4 (right) and an iPhone 3 in front of Manhattan's 5th Avenue Apple Store.

    It’s “Hoarding: Buried Alive,” only instead of a closet full of used paper towel tubes it’s a portfolio full of money.

  • Josh Mandel

    “I’m receiving a lot of encouragement to do that,” the 33-year-old Andrew Ross Sorkin-lookalike Josh Mandel told me this morning. When I asked him if he was running for Senate, he said:“This is the first time in my life where I've heard from baby boomers, senior citizens and folks across the state who have told me never in their life have they been so concerned.”

  • flower_bouquet_200.jpg

    It used to be that flowers were a bell-weather for the global “mood.” When people were upset, they’d buy flowers. When people were happy, they’d buy flowers. Whether cheerful sunflowers or somber roses, it would seem that flowers would be recession-proof.