NO RETREAT: Business Bootcamp Ep 104 | Juice Press: Where are the stress points?



When bottom lines turn red, teamwork becomes toxic, and a company's mission blurry, there is one place Fortune 100 companies can turn: The unrelenting mountains of Vermont, the power of nature, and the transformative force of ancient Spartan philosophy. Here, Spartan founder Joe De Sena proves time and again that by pitting execs and their teams against grueling physical and mental challenges, communication improves, teamwork is galvanized, and companies emerge more resilient than ever. 


In each episode, Joe and his team - including Clinical Psychologist & Performance Coach Dr. Lara Pence and Entrepreneur & Growth Marketer QuHarrison Terry - provide advice and expertise to help companies take a look in the mirror and make the difficult decisions to change and achieve success for their business. 

"No Retreat: Business Bootcamp" will be the source for entrepreneurs facing what appears to be insurmountable challenges. The specifically tailored, often unorthodox, tasks and obstacles on the farm will manufacture adversity, identify weak links, help teams understand and overcome fear and failure, and teach mental (and physical) survival — all while highlighting business priorities and purpose. When teams are depleted and seemingly on reserves, Joe and his team will help companies look in the mirror in order to make the really difficult decisions and changes required. Survive Joe and the farm, and companies leave stronger, and with a clear plan to achieve success.

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