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    All eyes will be on Europe in the week ahead as leaders there are expected to offer some of the most concrete plans yet for solving their debt crisis.

  • Holiday sales have been a bright spot in an otherwise depressing economy. That means some stocks may outperform others when the final tally is registered at the end of this month.

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    In a research report released this week, S&P Capital IQ analysts recommends six stocks that the ratings firm thinks will gain operating leverage and will reap profits. TheStreet.com details why S&P thinks these companies’ shares are bargains.

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    My prediction that next year J.C. Penney will be the hottest retail stock got a ton of pushback. None was as well-reasoned as Brian McGough, Managing Director of the Retail Sector at Hedgeye Risk Management.

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    November's jobs report, as expected, showed a slight pickup in hiring, but the suprising positive —a lower unemployment rate—could be masking a troubling trend.

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    November's employment report is expected to show improvement but still portray weak hiring. Still, investors have "become somewhat biased for a stronger-than-expected number," says one market strategist.

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    The Fast Money crew offers special CNBC.com-only advice on your investments.

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    Analysts say the sharp pullback in the financial sector is a natural hangover from Wednesday's surprise rally.

  • Bart Chilton | Commissioner U.S. Commodity Futures

    Futures markets are still reeling from the collapse of MF Global and Thursday, U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Commissioner Bart Chilton is suggesting that an insurance fund for derivatives might be just what the markets need to restore confidence.

  • As Yahoo looks for the best deal among a host of potential suitors, its problems may only just be beginning. Facebook's initial public offering in 2012, and the resulting corporate war chest, will pose a formidable challenge to Yahoo's main revenue driver: display ads.

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    Morningstar, the fund-ratings firm, tracks a group of what it calls its top managers of mutual funds to see what they own. TheStreet.com details five stock picks from Morningstar's number-crunching of its favored mutual fund managers.

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    With a "one-decision stock" you identify and hope to own for decades, not days... With a two decision stock you must buy and sell at the right price making the process that much more difficult.

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    Car sales, chain store sales and manufacturing data — all things that make the economy run — could lift stocks in Thursday's session, following on the Dow's biggest one-day rally since the bull market began.

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    The Fast Money crew offers special CNBC.com-only advice on your investments.

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    November's employment picture may prove to be a bit brighter than Wall Street has been expecting.

  • Is the Rally Sustainable?

    Dan McMahon, Raymond James, and James Moffett, Scout Investments, discuss why they're expecting a year-end rally.

  • Residential-construction stocks are coming to life, gaining 6.5 percent in the past three months, with five of the biggest companies producing double-digit returns, according to Morningstar.

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    Merry Christmas, markets. This might be the Santa rally you were hoping for, but it may be fleeting. Coordinated central bank action and strong U.S. data combined to spark a powerful rally that some analysts say might just be the start of a seasonal year-end rally. But they also warn the rally could quickly fade on fresh bad news from Europe, and it is not likely to stretch into the new year.

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    Stocks are soaring today on a coordinated effort by global central banks to flood the banking system with money. While it may seem like great news for investors, this rally in equities shouldn't be trusted.

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    Currency swap spreads are contracting, volatility is falling and stocks are soaring following a coordinated move by central banks to make dollars cheaper.