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    The two biggest gainers in the benchmark S&P 500 this year are in the oil and natural gas industry. Political instability among Middle Eastern oil countries and new drilling sites and technologies here at home are raising the prospects for growth, reports TheStreet.com.

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    Shoppers may put traders in the mood to buy. Plus, retail sales, auto sales and the jobs report in the week ahead.

  • Target Corp. employees restock merchandise while customers shop at a Super Target store in Denver, Colorado.

    Black Friday has historically been regarded as the day when retailers move from a loss into profit for the year. While the explanation no longer holds much relevance, this year the day after Thanksgiving could be critical for several major retailers.

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    As Americans give thanks over the holiday table Thursday, nervous traders will be watching the developments overseas and will continue to do so in Friday's half day stock market session.

  • Bank of America is threatening to edge out JPMorgan Chase as the top investment bank in terms of revenue in the fourth quarter, according to a research report published Tuesday.

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    Diamond Foods' stock was sharply lower Wednesday, following Tuesday's afterhours decline on news that a key director and audit committee member had died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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    Holiday shopping is being held out as a potential bright spot for markets, discouraged by failure in Washington and fumbling in Europe.

  • The National Retail Federation predicts up to 152 million Americans will shop during the upcoming Black Friday weekend, and deal-seeking consumers may flock to discount retailers, Kimco Realty's chief executive told CNBC Tuesday.

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    The Dow Jones Industrial Average has historically given investors something to be thankful for during the Thanksgiving week: money. Buying into what is known as the Thanksgiving Rally could earn you profits that make up for Black Friday shopping, according to TheStreet.

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    As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, these five stocks could have short-term gain catalysts and longer-term growth potential, according to a report from TheStreet.

  • While the window for tech initial public offerings remained closed during the third quarter with just four venture-backed companies pursuing IPOs, the trend appears to have reversed in recent weeks.

  • Although Tyson Foods experienced a difficult summer in its chicken segment, one analyst thinks the company will return to profitability in 2012.

  • Ken Hemauer, co-portfolio manager at Baird Midcap Fund, sees four stocks that will profit from Black Friday and beyond despite the expected weakness in overall retail sales.

  • "We have the 'stupor committee,' as I call them, as ineffective as everybody thought. You have renewed worries going on in Europe...and then of course the streets of Cairo remind us that every crisis isn't in the banking system," said Art Cashin, head of floor operations for UBS Financial.

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    When I heard the Super Committee had failed to agree to some sort of action all I could say to myself was: I’m so sick of it!

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    Investor attention will swing between the U.S. and Europe as politicians on both sides of the Atlantic struggle with debt and deficits that hang like a threatening pendulum over markets.

  • "I think what you're seeing today is the European Central Bank knowing that the Spanish elections are coming up" Sunday, and "going out of their way to keep things quiet in Europe," Art Cashin, head of floor operations for UBS Financial, told CNBC Friday

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    Stock traders Friday will be watching headlines from Europe, and increasingly they will be turning to Washington for any signs of movement by the Congressional "super committee." It is also a day for options expirations, another source of volatility.

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