The Driver

  • History of...the drivers

    Who are the greatest drivers in F1 racing? CNBC takes a closer look at the trophy cabinets of the most memorable F1 racers since the 1950s.

  • Spotlight on ... the driver

    Becoming a racing driver demands sacrifices and commitment. CNBC meets Luciano Bacheta, F2 world champion, along with his family and trainer to discuss his transition from F2 to F1.

  • Leader interview - Sir Jackie Stewart

    F1 legend Sir Jackie Stewart retraces his career from his "hideously dangerous" early days, to his fight to make the sport safer and the move into the business side of racing.

  • My moment #1

    Chris Dinnage, team manager at Classic Team Lotus, recalls his most treasured moment from his decades-long career in F1.

  • Let's break it down: The driver

    F1 drivers have to prepare like athletes, explains F1 expert, Mark Priestley, to cope with the pressure on their bodies, the tight and confined space and the cockpits temperature.

  • Tactics challenge

    Who will win the championship this year? Most of our pundits put their money on either Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, both from Mercedes. But a few names could upset the outcome!

  • My moment #2

    Steve Allen from Classic Team Lotus tells CNBC about a prank the team pulled on a driver's first day.

  • F1 to your car

    Some of the latest technological advances that have made it to your car, originally came from F1 including traction control and the paddle-shift gear box. F1 to your car

  • Behind the numbers

    How much weight does a driver lose in a race? How much does it cost to train a driver to F1 standard? CNBC looks at the numbers.

About The Driver

  • From the great Sir Jackie Stewart to the current Formula 2 world champion hoping to break through to F1, we meet the people who are at the centre of most exciting sport in the world.


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