The Pits

  • History of...The pits

    CNBC runs through the dangerous history of the pit stop, from fueling fires, to the race to be the quickest team to change a tire.

  • Spotlight on...The pits

    In the F1 pits, milliseconds are crucial. Crew members explain the intensity in the pits and pressure to perform quickly.

  • Leader interview: Christian Horner

    "The fear of failure drives us all forward," Christian Horner, Red Bull team principal tells CNBC, as he recounts his time with the team.

  • My moment #1

    Andrew Catlin from Mercedes Benz World recounts a story involving Sterling Moss and an exciting race.

  • Let's break it down: The pits

    What exactly is the point of a pit stop? A former pit stop crew member explains.

  • Tactics challenge

    Stopping in the pits is not just about checking the car, it's all a big game of chess.

  • My moment #2

    Mercedes-Benz World's Alex Kelly recounts the moment when David Coulthard took control of the wheel of his golf cart and took it for a spin.

  • F1 to your car

    When you take your car to a garage for a check-up, the engineer is likely to be using some tricks borrowed from F1.

  • Behind the numbers

    What is the world record pit stop time? How fast can you go in the pit lane? CNBC crunches the numbers.


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