One Second in F1 racing: Extras

  • Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix

    There is plenty of debate among F1 fans about which circuits to include in the racing calendar.

  • Supercar manufacturer McLaren made a profit for the first time last year, on demand for its £1m P1 model and a boom in Asian demand.

  • Formula 1 - with its fast cars and petrol-fuelled action - is matched by the high-octane salaries. Here are the top 10 best paid racers.

  • Formula E will make electric cars 'exciting': CEO

    The electric car championship has secured funding and TV deals across the world ahead of its first season, says Alejandro Agag, CEO of Formula E Holdings.

  • Formula One Singapore Grand Prix on September 22, 2013.

    Long associated with glitz, bravado and lavish spending, Formula One has also delivered a boost to revenues and dictated consumer tastes, according to the cars' manufacturers.

  • Chinese drivers are struggling to hit the big time in F1, but young hopefuls are traveling to Europe to follow their dream.

  • CNBC gears up for new F1 show

    Torie Campbell talks about CNBC's new program "One Second in F1 Racing" and what to expect from the series including new engines and technologies.

  • The history of the F1 car technology

    A compilation of the best highlights from the previous 9 weeks